Medical Physics M.S. Program

Curriculum M.S. Degree/Full-Time Students

(Schedule subject to change)

First Fall

Course Pts Day/Time Instructor
APPH E4010x: Introduction to nuclear science 3 Tues.
6:30-9:00 PM
APPH E4600x: Fundamentals of radiological physics & radiation dosimetry 3 Wed.
4:10-6:40 PM
APPH E4710x: Radiation instrumentation lab, I
(lab sessions: PT students Mondays after lecture; FT students Tuesday mornings TBA)
3 Mon.
5:00-10:00 PM
Ostrow / Zaider
APBM E4650x: Anatomy for physicists & engineers 3 Tues./Thurs.
4:00-5:20 PM
Rozenshtein / Katz / Moy


Course Pts Day/Time Instructor
APPH E4330y: Radiobiology for medical physicists
3 Mon.
5:30-8:20 PM
APPH E6319y: Clinical nuclear medicine physics 3 Tues.
4:30-6:20 PM
APPH E6330y: Diagnostic radiology physics 3 Wed.
5:30-8:20 PM
APPH E6335y: Radiation therapy physics 3 Thurs.
5:30-8:20 PM
APPH E4550y: Medical physics seminar 0 Thurs.
4:10-5:15 PM


  • Subject to availability: summer practicum(s) for which students will register in the Fall term.
  • Comprehensive Exam in August.

Second Fall

Course Pts 
APPH E4500x: Health physics  3  Thurs.
 6:30-9:00 PM
varies: Practicum (see chart below)


varies: Elective (see chart below)


 varies  varies

Practicums (2 required)

Course Pts Day/Time Instructor
APPH E6333x: Radiation therapy (prerequisite: APPH E6335y) 3  varies Wuu
APPH E6340x,y: Diagnostic radiology (prerequisite: APPH E6330y) 3  varies Jambawalikar
APPH E6365x,y: Nuclear medicine (prerequisite: APPH E6319y) 3  varies Hamacher
APPH E6380x,y: Health physics (prerequisite: APPH E4501y; co-requisite: APPH E4500x) 3  varies Caracappa

A grade of B+ or better in the prerequisite course, adjusted at the discretion of the instructor, and permission of instructor and advisor are required for each practicum. Students register for the practicum in the Fall or the Spring term; the work for 2 of the 4 praticums may be done in the Summer term.

Electives (3 pts. required)

Course Pts Day/Time Instructor
APPH E4711x,y: Radiation instrumentation lab, II 3  TBA Ostrow
APPH E6336x:  Advanced topics in radiation therapy 3  Wed.

5:00-7:30 PM
Amols / Wuu
APPH E6650x,y: Research project 1-6  varies Staff
APPH numbers vary: Third Practicum 3  varies Staff


Course Pts Day/Time Instructor
APAM E4999x,y: Supervised internship
1  varies Staff

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