Medical Physics Seminar 1994

John Arbo, Coordinator

"Perspectives on Medical Physics: Clinical Applications"
10 AM-1:00 PM, St. Luke's Hospital, Scrymser Pavilion
Nuclear Medicine Conference Room (basement level)

Leon Lidofsky, Columbia University
Professor Emeritus, Department of Applied Physics

Richard N. Pierson, Jr. M.D., St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Director, Body Composition

Marvin Friedman, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Associate Director, Nuclear Medicine

Jack Wang, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Associate Director, Body Composition

Kenneth Ma, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Research Chemist, Body Composition

Ignatia Kofopoulou, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Research Assistant, Body Composition

Kenneth Nichols, St. Luke Hospital
"Current Topics in Quantitative Nuclear Cardiology"

Spiridon Spirou, Memorial Sloan-Kettering/Columbia University
Dynamic Collimnation and the Inverse Problem in Radiation Oncology


Stewart Maurer, New York Institute of Technology
"Power Frequency Magnetic Fields & Health Effects"

Marvin Friedman, St. Luke Hospital
"The Nucleus in Medical Imaging: The Gamma Camera and Magnetic Resonance"

Ruling Chou, P&S Dept. of Medicine
"Basics about PET"

Rieme Ma, Brookhaven Nationl Lab
"Body Composition Studies by Neutron Activation & Analysis"

Eli Furhang, Memorial Sloan-Kettering/Columbia University
"Development of a Monte Carlo Procedure Used in Calibration of Accelerator-Based Radiotherapy Machines"


Frederic Lizzi & Ernest Feleppa, Riverside Research Institute
"Advanced Ultrasonic Analysis and Imaging Techniques for Tumor Evaluation"

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