Medical Physics Seminar 2001

John Arbo, Coordinator

Frederick Lizzi, Research Director, Biomedical Eng. Laboratories, Riverside Research Inst.
"Medical Ultrasound: New Developments in Noninvasive Tumor Therapy"

Special Medical Physics Laboratory Lectures

March 7
Michael Sure, Packard Instrument Company
"Introduction to Liquid Scintillation Counting"

March 23
Kenneth Ma, Research Asst., Body-Composition Dept, St. Luke's Hospital
"Radioactive Isotope dilution Analysis and Liquid Scintillation Counting"

April 18
Rina Riskina, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, St. Luke's Hospital
"Operation and Performance Characteristics of the GE XCT Gamma Camera and Starcam 3200i Computer Imaing System"


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