Medical Physics Seminar 2013

Francesco Volpe

Asst. Professor of Applied Physics
Dept. of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, Columbia University
"Fusion Neutrons for Therapy?"

Yongguang Liang

Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology (Physics)
Department of Radiology, Columbia University
"New Challenge in CT Dosimetry"

No seminar - Midterms

No seminar - Spring Break

Cancelled -  rescheduled for 5/2/13

Tom K. Hei, PhD
Professor and Vice-Chairman of Radiation Oncology
Associate Director, Center for Radiological Research
Professor of Environmental Health Science
Department of Radiology, Columbia University
"Extranuclear and Extracellular Effects of Ionizing Radiation"

Elizabeth Hillman, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University
"Imaging with Light (Biophotonics in Brief)"

Terry Button, PhD
Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology
Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences
Dir. Medical Physics Track, Biomedical Engineering
Dir. Medical Imaging Technology program, Health Technology & Mngmnt
Stony Brook University
"Diffusion MRI: Application of Tensor Imaging to Peripheral Nerves"

John Mauro, PhD, CHP
Senior Vice President
Sanford Cohen & Associates (SC&A, Inc)
Stephen L. Ostrow, PhD, MBA
Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology, Sanford Cohen & Associates (SC&A, Inc)
Adjunct Professor, Applied Physics & Applied Math, Columbia University
"NRC 5 Rem Project"

Patrice F. Spitalnik, MD
Associate Professor, Clinical Pathology and Cell Biology
College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University
"The Cellular Pathology of Cancer"

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