Navratil Hosts 1997 MHD Workshop

Prof. Gerald Navratil hosted the "Workshop on Control of MHD Modes with Non-Axisymmetric Coils", from Sunday, Nov. 23, – Tuesday, Nov. 25, at Columbia University.

The workshop, jointly sponsored by Columbia University, General Atomics, and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, discussed work related to the control of MHD modes with non-axistmmetric coils and plans for MHD mode control experiments on DIII-D.

The workshop included invited and contributed papers. Topical areas emphasized at this workshop included both physics and design issues related with the control of resistive wall modes and tearing modes using non-asixymmetric coils external to the plasma.

RHM Control
Locked modes
Field errors
Eddy current effects
Basic physics
Sensor schemes

Tearing Model Control
Results from open loop and coiled loop experiments
Eddy current/wall stabilization effects
Basic physics/neo-classical effects
Stabilization approaches
Sensor schemes

Design Issues
Power supply requirement
Interaction with PFC
Feedback logic
Disruptive and VDE resilience

Program Committee
G. A. Navratil, Columbia University
M. Okabayashi, PPPL
R. Lahaye, General Atomics

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