Navratil Hosts 2007 MHD Control Workshop

Prof. Gerald Navratil hosted the 2007 MHD Control Workshop on "Improved MHD Control Configurations" at Columbia University from November 18-20, following the 2007 APS-DPP Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. It was the 12th in the series and is organized jointly by Columbia University, General Atomics, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and the University of Wisconsin.

With the ITER Design Review well underway, there is increased interest in using our experiment and theory advances in MHD mode control to improve control approaches, configurations, and combined control systems. This includes the active control of both internal and external ideal/resistive MHD modes using plasma rotation, rotation shear, rf waves, feedback control, resonant magnetic fields, or profile control. The format of this workshop will be similar to previous workshops in this series that include invited (30 to 40 minute) and contributed (15 to 20 minute) papers.

Program Committee:
Richard Buttery (JET/EFDA), Robert La Haye (General Atomics), Piero Martin (RFX/ASDEX-Upgrade), Gerald Navratil (Columbia University), Michio Okabayashi (PPPL), John Sarff (Univ. Wisconsin) and K. Yamazaki (Nagoya University).

Local Organizer: Gerald Navratil, Program Chair: John Sarff

Previous workshops in this series include:

#11 PPPL, November 6-8, 2006, "Workshop on Active Control of MHD Stability: Active MHD Control in ITER"

#10 University of Wisconsin-Madison, October 31-November 2, 2005, "Workshop on Active Control of MHD Stability: Progress in Kink and Tearing Mode Control"

#9 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 21-23 November 2004, "Workshop on Active Control of MHD Stabilities: Back to Basics"

#8 University of Texas - Austin, 3-5 November 2003, "Workshop on Active Control of MHD Stability: Extension to the Burning Plasma Regime"

#7 Columbia University, 18-20 November 2002, "Workshop on Active Control of MHD Stability: Extension of Performance"

#6 General Atomics, 5-7 November 2001, "Workshop on Control of MHD Stability by Rotation"

#5 PPPL, 30 Oct - 1 Nov 2000, "Workshop on Innovative MHD Control in Magnetic Fusion Plasmas"

#4 University of Washington, 21-23 November 1999, "Workshop on Active MHD Mode Control in Innovative Confinement Concepts"

#3 General Atomics, 22-24 November 1998, "Workshop on Active Control of MHD Modes in Toroidal Devices"

#2 Columbia University, 23-25 November 1997, "Workshop on Control of MHD Modes in Tokamaks with Non-axisymmetric Coils"

#1 PPPL, 11-13 December 1996, "Workshop on Feedback Stabilization of MHD Instabilities"

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