New Applied Mathematics Faculty Member: Amir Sagiv

The Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics is proud to announce that Dr. Amir Sagiv has joined the Applied Mathematics faculty.

Dr. Sagiv received his B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2009), and later received his M.Sc. (2016) and Ph.D. (2019) in Applied Mathematics at Tel Aviv University, both under the supervision of Gadi Fibich and Adi Ditkowski.

A main facet of his research is the study of random dynamics and time-reversal breaking in nonlinear optics. This work combines elements of both mathematical analysis and physical modelling, as well as extensive use of numerical simulations. The study and development of such simulations, and specifically numerical analysis of uncertainty-quantification (UQ) problems, is in itself a fascinating field in which computation, statistics, approximation, and transport theory all play a roll.

Dr. Sagiv will be teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in analysis and PDEs, starting this fall with multivariate calculus.


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