Research Conference

The Research Conference meets every Friday morning, when classes are in session, from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in room 214 Mudd. Faculty presentations take place during the fall semester and graduate student presentation take place during the spring semester.

Spring 2019 Coordinator: Prof. Kui Ren

Jiao Li, Applied Mathematics (advisor: Kyle Mandli)
"The h-box method for shallow water equations"
Lorenzo Toniazzi, Probability and PDEs (advisor: Qiang Du)
"Random walks, space-time dependence and dielectric relaxation"

Long Yang, Materials Science & Engineering (advisor: Simon Billinge)
"Atomic Pair Distribution Function (PDF) Analysis of Multiferroic Iron Doped Barium Titanate Nanocrystals"
Hwi Lee, Applied Mathematics (advisor: Qiang Du)
"Nonsymmetric Nonlocal Gradient Operators and their Applications"

John Brooks, Plasma Physics (advisor: Michael Mauel)
"Overview of Tokamak Fusion and Preliminary Results of Mode Suppression Through Direct Sourcing of Electrical Currents"
Adam Overvig, Applied Physics (advisor: Nanfang Yu)
"Expanding our control of light with dielectric metasurfaces"

Jessie Oehrlein, Applied Mathematics & Atmospheric Science (advisor: Lorenzo Polvani)
"Distinct Impacts of El Niño and Stratospheric Sudden Warmings on Wintertime Climate"
Songsheng Tao, Applied Physics (advisor: Simon Billinge)
"Atomic pair distribution function analysis of differently synthesized Zirconium phosphates"

Aaron Michelson, Materials Science & Engineering (advisor: Oleg Gang)
"Defects and Dislocations of Self Assembled Nanoparticle Superlattices"
Owen Evans, Applied Mathematics (advisor: Marc Spiegelman)
“Modeling hydration reactions in the oceanic lithosphere”

No Seminar (Spring Break)

No Seminar

Zane Martin, Applied Mathematics & Atmospheric Science (advisor: Adam Sobel)
“Tropical Atmospheric Oscillations in a Forecast Model”
Chia-Hao Liu, Applied Physics (advisor: Simon Billinge)
"Using a machine learning approach to determine the space group of a structure from the atomic pair distribution function (PDF)"

Christopher J. Wright, Materials Science & Engineering (advisor: Simon Billinge)
"Getting to Science in the High Throughout World"
Jyotirmoy Mandal, Applied Physics (advisor: Yuan Yang)
"Optically Dynamic Porous Polymers for Optical and Thermal Management"

Mel Abler, Plasma Physics (advisor: Michael Mauel)
"Experimental Characterization of Energy Transfer by Three-Wave Coupling in 2D Plasma Turbulence"
Lyuwen Fu, Materials Science & Engineering (advisor: Chris Marianetti)
"A group theoretical approach to computing phonons and their interactions”

Zhen Zhang, Applied Physics (advisor: Renata Wentzcovitch)
"Phonon Quasiparticles from First-Principles"



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