Plasma Physics Colloquium

The Plasma Physics Colloquium meets on select Fridays, during the academic year, at 2:00 PM in room 214 Mudd (unless other wise noted).

2018-2019 Coordinator: Gerald A. Navratil

Piero Martin, University of Padova and Consorzio RFX
"The New Divertor Tokamak Test Facility Project"
Host: Gerald A. Navratil

Snezhana Abarzhi, The University of Western Australia, AUS
"High energy density plasmas, fluid instabilities and interfacial mixing"
Host: Michael E. Mauel

(Thursday, 3-4 PM, 214 Mudd)
Yitzhak Maron, Weizmann Institute of Science
"Experimental determination of the ion temperature in High-Energy-Density plasmas"
Host: Michael E. Mauel

Jonathan Menard, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
"NSTX-U Recovery and Ideas for Next-Step Low-A Tokamaks"
Host: Michael E. Mauel

Igor Kaganovich, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
"Fundamental Study of Synthesis of Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanostructures in Atmospheric Pressure Arc Discharges"
Host: Michael E. Mauel

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