Plasma Physics Colloquium 2011-2012

The Plasma Physics Colloquium meets on Friday afternoons, when classes are in session, from 2:00-3:00 PM in Room 210 or 214 Mudd (unless otherwise noted).

11:00 AM, 210 Mudd (APAM Conference Room)
Dr. Luis Delgado-Aparicio, PPPL
"Current trends in X-ray spectroscopy: broadband and line-emission techniques"
Host: Michael Mauel

2:00 PM, 210 Mudd (APAM Conference Room)
Joseph V. Minervini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"The Technical and Engineering Challenges of Fusion Reactors for Energy"
Host: Michael Mauel

2:00 PM, 214 Mudd
Frank Jenko, Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik
"Understanding and Predicting Turbulence in Laboratory Plasmas"
Host: Michael Mauel

2:00 PM, 214 Mudd
John Finn, Los Alamos National Lab
"Control of Ideal and Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Modes in Reversed Field Pinches with a Resistive Wall"
Host: Andrew Cole

2:00 PM, 214 Mudd
Rejean Boivin, General Atomics
"The Physics of Measurements: Diagnostics for DIII-D and ITER"
Host: Francesco Volpe

2:00 PM, 210 Mudd (APAM Conference Room)
Donald Spong, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Stellarator Design: Searching for the Ultimate Fusion Reactor"
Host: Francesco Volpe

2:00 PM, 214 Mudd
Siegfried Glenzer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"Mega-joule experiments on the National Ignition Facility –
on the road to produce a microscopic star in the laboratory"
Host: Michael Mauel


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