Research Conference

The Research Conference meets every Friday morning, when classes are in session, from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in room 214 Mudd. Faculty presentations take place during the fall semester and graduate student presentation take place during the spring semester.

Spring 2020 Coordinator: Prof. Amir Sagiv

Yinan Dong, Materials Science & Engineering
"Plasmonic Doppler effect in graphene"
Zeyuan Li, Materials Science & Engineering
"Interfacial Engineering of the cathode material in lithium batteries"

Jessie Oehrlein, Applied Mathematics
"The Effects of Ozone Chemistry on Winter Climate"
Rachael Keller, Applied Mathematics
"Discovering Dynamics using Linear Multistep Methods"

Harish Ramesh and Wenxuan Wang
"Study of mechanical and thermal properties of nano oxides"
Wenxi Li, Materials Science & Engineering
"Boosted Charge Transfer in FeOF-TiO2 Heterostructures Enables High-Areal Capacity Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes"

No seminar

Zane Martin, Atmospheric Science
"Tropical atmospheric oscillations in a hierarchy of models"
Judah Ryoo, Applied Math
"H-box methods in solving 1D shallow water equations"

Rei Chemke, Atmospheric Science
"Opposite tropical circualtion in climate models and reanalyses"
Jared Ginsberg, Applied Physics
“Harmonic Generation from 2D Materials”

Heqing Huang, Applied Physics
Long Yang, Materials Science & Engineering

3/20/2020 & 3/27/2020 - No seminars

4/3/2020 - Postponed
Edith Zhang, Applied Mathematics
Songsheng Tao, Applied Physics

4/10/2020 - Postponed
Huaiyu Li, Applied Mathematics
Wen Ding, Applied Mathematics

4/17/2020 - Postponed
Aysha Khan, Applied Mathematics
"Gyrostat Satellite Dynamics: Visual and Analytical Formulations"
Bok Young Kim, Applied Physics

4/24/2020 - Postponed
Mehmet Hazar Seren, Materials Science & Engineering
Stephanie Malek, Materials Science & Engineering

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