Research Conference 2002-2003

Fall 2002 Coordinator: Gerald Navratil
Spring 2003 Coordinator: Guillaume Bal

Gerald Navratil, Applied Physics
"Major Next Step in Fusion Energy: How to Proceed"
Irving Herman, Applied Physics
"From Truman to Bush II: From Diapers to Lasers to Nanocrystals"

Michael Mauel, Applied Physics
"Opportunities in Plasma Physics"
Adam Sobel, Applied Mathematics
"Why There Will Probably be Forest Fires in Indonesia"

Thomas Pedersen, Applied Physics
"Exotic Plasmas on Magnetic Surfaces"
C. K. Chu, Applied Mathematics
"Science, Research, Teaching & Aging"


Guillaume Bal, Applied Mathematics
Title Not Available
Thomas Marshall, Applied Physics
"Acceleration of Electrons to Very High Energy Wake Fields"

Allen Boozer, Applied Physics
Title Not Available
Jean-Luc Thiffeault, Applied Mathematics
"Turbulent Polymers"

Chris Wiggins, Applied Mathematics
Siu-Wai Chan, Materials Science and Engineering
Title Not Available

Gavin Schmitt, Applied Mathematics
"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About GCMs
Feng Zhang, Materials Science and Engineering
"Lattice Parameter Change in Nanoparticles"


Richard Scott, Applied Mathematics
"Wave Breaking in the Stratosphere"

Amiya Sen, Applied Physics
"Basic Experiments on Plasma Transport in Columbia Linear Machine
William Bailey, Materials Science and Engineering
Title Not Available

Marc Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Highway to Hell: Flow Localization Mechanisms in Magna Dynamics"
David Maurer, Applied Physics
"Resistance Wall Mode Feedback Experiments on HBT-EP"

Stephen O'Brien, Materials Science and Engineering
Samar Khatiwala, Applied Mathematics
"Enhanced Sensitivity of Persistent Events to Weak Forcing in Dynamic & Stochastic Systems:
Implications for Climate Change"

Aron Pinczuk, Applied Physics
"Illuminating Electron Liquids in Quantum Structures"
Richard Osgood, Applied Physics
"Nanophotonics: An Overview of the Osgood Group"

Anastasia Papavasiliou, Applied Mathematics
"Parameter Estimation in Stochastic Filtering"
Cory Cates, Applied Physics
"Resistive Wall Mode Feedback on the HBT-EP Tokamak"

Dmitry Maslovsky, Applied Physics
"Phase-Space Holes and Frequency Sweeping in a Dipole Confined Plasma"

Charles Kerbage, Applied Mathematics
"Microfluidic Optical Fibers"
Bo Zhou, Applied Mathematics
"Nonlinear Shallow Water Stg Numerical Solutions on the Equatorial Beta-Plane"

Mikhail Shilov, Applied Physics
"Measurement of Tokamak Plasma Response to External Resonant Perturbations"
Hans Cho, Materials Science and Engineering
"The Microcrystalline Mode of Solidification in Pulse-Laser Melted Thin Films of Silicon"

Reha Cakmur, Applied Mathematics
"The Effect of Small Scale Circulations on Dust Emission"
Matthew Witten, Applied Mathematics
"Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Polymer Gels for Verification of Radiation Doe Distributions"

Scott Gianelli, Applied Mathematics
"A Comparative Analysis of Aerosal & Gas Retrievals Using Mfrsr & Rss Data"
Mohammad Islam, Applied Physics
"Electrophoretic Deposition of Unpatterned/Patterned Nanocrystal Films"

Sam Burns, Applied Mathematics
"The Numerical Solution of the Weak Temperature Gradient Equations for Tropical Atmospheric Flow
in a Nonlinear Quasi-Equilibrium Circulation Model"
Kui Ren, Applied Mathematics
"Generalize Diffusion Model in Optical Tomography with Clear Layers"

Ryan Roth, Applied Physics
"Crystal Ion Slicing, Binary Superimposed Gratings, and Other Tales From The 13th Floor"
Cristina Perez, Applied Mathematics
"Modeling Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Phenomena In The Tropical Pacific"

Phil Allen, Applied Physics
"Anderson Localization, Heat Conduction, and Atomic Vibrations in Glasses"
Anothy Del Genio, Applied Mathematics
"Convection And Lightning On Jupiter"

Stephanie Grancharov, Materials Science and Engineering
"Transfer of Monodiperse Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanparticles into Aqueous Media &
Cooperative Assembly With Block Copolypeptides"
Pegasus Fang, Applied Mathematics
"Channeling Instabilities & Magma Dynamics"

Lili Cheng, Materials Science and Engineering
"Dopants for Independent Control of Precessional Frequency & Damping in Permalloy"
Zuoming Zhu, Materials Science and Engineering
"Reactions Of Organosulfur Compounds With Si(100)"

Yi Gu, Materials Science and Engineering
"Cdse/Znbese Mbe-Grown Self-Assembled Quantum Dots: Size, Cd Composition & Phonon Coupling"
James Dickerson, Applied Physics
"Electronic Field Control of Molecules and Nanocrystals with Nanoscale Electrodes"

Micahel Jung, Applied Mathematics
"Melt Localization By Deformation"
Sheyum Syed, Applied Physics
"Cyclotron Resonance Line Splitting in 2d"

Sergey Shchelkunov, Applied Physics
"Experimental and Numerical Studies of Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration Devices"
Nicolae Panoiu, Applied Physics
"Meta-Materials with Negative Refraction Index: Properties and Applications"

Hajung Song, Materials Science and Engineering
"Magnetic Damping In Bilayer Thin Films"
Xuan Gao, Applied Physics
"Metallic Behavior Of 2d Holes In Gsas Quantum Well"

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