Research Conference 2003-2004

Fall 2003 Coordinator: Stephen O'Brien
Spring 2004 Coordinator: Michael Mauel

Stephen O'Brien, Materials Science and Engineering
Thomas Marshall, Applied Physics
"Ultra-Strong Wake Fields From Femtosecond Charge Bunches As An Advanced Concept For A Tev Collider"

Chris Wiggins, Applied Mathematics
"New Approaches In 'Network Physics’"
Thomas S. Pedersen, Applied Physics
"Confinement of Exotic Plasmas in the CNT Stellarator"

Gerald Navratil, Applied Physics
"Politics of Big Science: Iter Project Status Report"
Irving Herman, Applied Physics
"Nano + Optical + Materials Physics"

Richard Osgood, Applied Physics
"New Photonic Devices in Complex Oxide"
Michael Mauel, Applied Physics
"Part I: Report From The Aspen Conference Of Energy Options & Climate Stabilization"

Horst Stormer, Applied Physics
"Lower-Dimensional Electron Physics"
Michael Mauel, Applied Physics
"Part II: Report From The Aspen Conference Of Energy Options & Climate Stabilization"

Shalom Wind, Materials Science and Engineering
"Molecular Scale Electronic Devices: Parvum Bonum Est?"
Marc Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Plumbing The Depths: Coupled Fluid/Solid Dynamics in Earth Science"

William E. Bailey, Materials Science and Engineering
"Magnetic Nanostructures Built For Speed"
Adam Sobel, Applied Mathematics
"A Model of a Model of the Atmosphere"

Tony Heniz, Electrical Engineering
"Probing Conductivity in Solids and Nanostructures by Laser Spectroscopy"
David Keyes, Applied Mathematics
"A Science-Based Case for Large-Scale Simulation"

Anastasia Papavasiliou, Applied Mathematics
"Particle Filters & Applications"
Robert Laibowitz, Electrical Engineering
"Charge Storage & Tunneling In High Permittivity Thin Films For Dram Capacitors, Gate Insulators & Nanostructures"

Siu-Wai Chan, Materials Science and Engineering
"Phase Stability Of The Ceria, Zirconia and Their Binary System"
Allen Boozer, Applied Physics
"Stability Of Pure Electron Plasmas"

Michael Sheetz, Biology
"Robust Cell Behaviors From Stochastic Processes"
Aron Pinczuk, Applied Physics
"Shining Light On Electron Liquids In Two Dimensions"


Yigal Komem, Materials Science & Engineering
"On Metal Oxide Films as Gas Sensors"
Paul Vander Wilt, Materials Science & Engineering
"Thin Film Crystallization for Large Area Electronics"

Guillaume Bal, Applied Mathematics
"Some Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging and Earth Science"
Anastasia Papavasiliou, Applied Mathematics
"Particle Filters and Rough Paths"

Dmitry Maslovsky, Applied Physics
"Resistive Wall Mode in Cylinders and Tokamaks"
Jason Kremer, Applied Mathematics
"The Design of the Columbia Non-neutral Torus (CNT)"

Hanfei Yan, Materials Science and Engineering
"The Effect of Strain on X-ray Dynamical Diffraction"
Alex Hendersen, Applied Physics
"Transport Studies of Few Grain Organic Field Effect Transistors"


Alexander Klein, Applied Physics
"Active Feedback on the RWM on the HBT-EP Tokamak: Mode Control & FPGA Computing"
Cory Cates, Applied Physics
"Active Feedback Results for the Resistive Wall Mode on HBT-EP"

Wubiao Zhu, Applied Physics
"Toroidal Rotation Damping Physics in High Beta NSTX Plasmas"
Deborah Herceg, Applied Mathematics
"Regional Climate Modeling"


Matthew Wittman, Applied Mathematics
"Stratospheric Influence on Climate"
Amiya Sen, Applied Physics
"A New Paradigm for Plasma Transport Paradox"

Joan Raitano, Materials Science and Engineering
"Ceria & Catalysis: Current Success & Future Promise"
Rui He, Applied Physics
"Resonant Raman Scattering from Nanoscale Organic Molecular Layers"


Ron Schmitt, Applied Mathematics
"Stellarator Coil Optimization"
Nicolai Stillits, Applied Physics
"Radial Position Feedback on HBT-EP"

Michael Weinstein, Applied Mathematics
"Dissipative Behavior in Conservative Systems"
Mark Hybertson, Applied Physics
"Solid State Physics Meets Organic Chemistry: Building Blocks for Understanding Conductance in Molecular Assemblies"

Royce James, Applied Physics
"Ion Cyclotron Radio Frequency (ICRF) Heating & Beta Enhancement of HBT-EP Plasmas"

Kristi Hultman, Applied Physics
"MIONs as Contrast Agents for MRI Imaging"
Rich Robinson, Applied Physics
"Phase transitions in oxide nanoparticles"

Tamar Andelman, Materials Science and Engineering
"Zinc Oxide Nanorods: Synthesis & XRD Analysis"
Brandon Turk, Materials Science and Engineering
"Formation of Single-Crystal Silicon Islands via Sequential Lateral Solidification"

David Lazanja, Applied Physics
"Magnetic Field Decomposition at a Plasma Surface"
Benjamin Levitt, Applied Physics
"Experimental Observation of the Magnetospheric Interchange Instability"

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