Research Conference 2005-2006

Fall 2005 Coordinator, Prof. Gerald Navratil
Spring 2006 Coordinator, Prof. Michael Mauel

Prof. Michael Mauel, Plasma Physics
"The Physics of Artificial Radiation Belts"
Prof. David Keyes, Applied Mathematics
“Machiavelli for Mathematicians, or Divide and Conquer in the Numerical Solution of PDEs"

Prof. Thomas Pedersen, Plasma Physics
"First pure electron plasmas in the CNT stellarator"
Prof. Thomas Marshall, Solid State Physics
"Two-Beam Wakefield Accelerator Structures”

Dr. Paul van der Wilt, Materials Science & Engineering
“Continuous-Wave Laser-Crystallization for High Performance TFTs”
Prof. Siu-Wai Chan, Materials Science & Engineering
"Nanoparticles of Ceria and Ceria-Zirconia: Lattice Parameter , Defect Concentration and Phase Stability"

Prof. Harish Bhat, Applied Mathematics
"Waves in Electrical Lattices"
Prof. Gerald Navratil, Plasma Physics
"ITER Fusion Mega-Project: Getting What You Wished For"

Prof. Stephen O'Brien, Materials Science & Engineering
"Scale your enthusiasm"
Prof. Richard Osgood, Solid State Physics
"Research Summary of the Osgood Group"

Dr. Mark Hybertsen, Materials Science & Engineering
"Exploring Electronic States and Electronic Coupling: Understanding Electron Transport in Nanoscale Molecular Systems"
Prof. Guillaume Bal, Applied Mathematics
"Waves in Random Media"

Dr. Sanjukta Bhowmick, Applied Mathematics
"Application of Machine Learning to Selecting Solvers for Sparse Linear Systems"
Dr. Daniel Savin, Plasma Physics
"A Novel Laboratory Instrument to Study Anion-Neutral Reactions'"

Prof. Adam Sobel, Applied Mathematics
"Hurricanes and climate"
Dr. Samar Khatiwala, Applied Mathematics
"Newton-Krylov Methods for Fast Dynamical Equilibration of Ocean Climate Models"

Dr. Yann Gallais, Solid State Physics
"Spectroscopy of composite fermion Landau levels in the fractional Hall effect regime"
Prof. Irving Herman, Solid State Physics
"Electric-Field-Assisted Assembly of Nanocrystals and Carbon Nanotubes;The Resulting Optical and other Properties of these Assemblies; and Physics of the Human Body - The Book"

Dr. Cristina Perez, Applied Mathematics
"Clouds and Climate"
Prof. Michael Weinstein, Applied Mathematics
"Applied Mathematics"


Dr. Shalom Wind, Materials Science & Engineering
"Nanotools for Probing Molecular-Scale Electron Transport and Cellular Biology"
Dr. Etienne De Poortere
"Making Wires to Molecules"

Prof. Chris Wiggins, Applied Mathematics
"The Facts of Life: Machine Learning and `Data Mining` in Systems Biology"
Prof. William Bailey, Materials Science & Engineering
"Current Research"

Remi Lefrancois, Plasma Physics
"Electron plasmas confined on magnetic surfaces"
David Maurer, Plasma Physics
"Current Research"

Yongfeng Guan, Solid State Physics
"Element and Layer-Resolved Magnetization Dynamics"
David Lazanja, Applied Physics
"Decomposing Boundary Data for Laplace's Problem into Contributions from
Internal and External Sources"

Zhipeng Sun, Plasma Physics
"Adaptive stochastic control of resistive wall modes in tokamaks"


Jason Kremer, Plasma Physics
"The First Results of Electron Plasma Equilibrium Experiments in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus (CNT) Stellarator"
Eugenio Ortiz, Plasma Physics
"Effects of the Hot Electron Interchange Instability on Plasma Confined in a
Dipolar Magnetic Field"

Nicolai Stillits, Plasma Physics
"Biased-probe Induced H-modes on the HBT-EP Tokamak"
Ron Schmitt, Applied Physics
"Stellarator Coil Design"

Sarbajit Banerjee, Solid State Physics
"Electric-Field Assisted Alignment of Nanoscale Building Blocks: Fabrication and Properties"
Edwin Gerber, Applied Mathematics
"Dynamics of the North Atlantic Oscillation and Annular Modes"


Sean Polvino, Materials Science & Engineering
"Thermal Expansion and Lattice Constant Measurement by X-ray Diffraction: Analysis and Fitting of Data"
Gideon Simpson, Applied Mathematics
"Stability of structures arising in magma dynamics"

Vladimir Sokolov, Plasma Physics
"Observation and Identification of Zonal Flows in CLM"
Kyle Krouse, Applied Mathematics
"Rossby Wave Radiation from Tropical Cyclones"

Christian Scheck, Materials Science & Engineering
"Reduction of Gilbert damping in ferromagnetic thin films"
Joan Raitano, Materials Science & Engineering
"Nanoparticles of Hf, Zr, and Ce oxides and their binary systems"


Michela Biasutti, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
"Changes in Sahel rainfall: Understanding the past and forecasting the future"
Gilles Bellon, Applied Mathematics
"Simple models of shallow convection and their implication for more complex models"


Ryan Roth, Solid State Physics
"Ion Beam Analysis of Ion-Implanted Optical Oxides"
Nicolae-Coriolan Panoiu, Solid State Physics
"Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Sub-wavelength Nanostructured Materials - Theory and Device Applications"


Ozgur Kalenci, Solid State Physics
"Optical Effects in X-Ray Diffraction from Single Crystals"
Jenna Pike, Materials Science & Engineering
"Synthesis and Redox Properties of CuO and Mn3O4"


Chad Husko, Solid State Physics
"All-Optical Bistable Switching in Nonlinear Photonic Crystals"
Michael Vidne, Applied Mathematics
"Modeling Orientation Selectivity Development Using STDP"


Quinn Marksteiner, Plasma Physics
"Observations of an Ion Driven Instability in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus"
Xuefei Yuan, Applied Mathematics
"Modeling Metabolic Networks with Computational Optimization"

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