Research Conference 2006-2007

Fall 2006 Coordinator, Prof. William Bailey
Spring 2007 Coordinator, Prof. Chris Wiggins


Prof. David Keyes, Applied Mathematics
"The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and Other New Partnerships"
Prof. Irving P. Herman, Solid State Physics
"The Assembly and Optical, Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Nanomaterials and How to Become Rich and Famous by Writing a Book"

Prof. I.C. Noyan, Materials Science & Engineering
"Interpreting Diffraction Data"
Prof. Gerald A. Navratil, Plasma Physics
"ITER Fusion Project Update & Columbia Participation"

Prof. James Im, Materials Science & Engineering
"Pulsed-Laser Irradiation of Thin Films: Why Bother?"
Prof. Adam H. Sobel, Applied Mathematics
"Hurricanes and Climate"

Prof. Thomas S. Pedersen, Plasma Physics
"Non-neutral plasmas in the CNT stellarator"
Prof. Siu-Wai Chan, Materials Science & Engineering
"Research Report"

Prof. Richard M. Osgood, Solid State Physics
"New Optics: Physics, Materials, and Wild Ideas"
Prof. Guillaume Bal, Applied Mathematics
"PDEs with random coefficients: How to simplify an extremely complex problem"

Dr. Shalom Wind, Materials Science & Engineering
"Talking to Molecules in Two Different Languages"
Dr. Seok-Woo Son, Applied Mathematics
"Climate change at cruising altitude:rising in tropopause"

Prof. Stephen O'Brien, Materials Science & Engineering
"Nanoparticles, they're so hot right now. Nanoparticles."
Prof. C.S. Wuu, Medical Physics
"3-D Dose Verification for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Using Optical CT Based Polymer Gel Dosimetry"

Prof. Marc W. Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Plumbing the Depths: Computational Challenges in Magma Dynamics"
Prof. William Bailey, Materials Science & Engineering
"Magnets Built for Speed"

Prof. Harish Bhat, Applied Mathematics
"Kirchhoff's Laws on LC Lattices: Stability of Equilibria and Nonlinear Waves"
Dr. Latha Venkataraman, Solid State Physics
"Well-Defined Single Molecule Circuits Using Amine-Gold Linkages"

Prof. Michael I. Weinstein, Applied Mathematics
"Scattering and Cloaking"
Prof. Aron Pinczuk, Solid State Physics
"Spectroscopy of Low Dimensional Structures"

Prof . Gertrude Neumark, Materials Science & Engineering
"Doping In Wide Bandgap Semiconductors How To “Fool” These Materials"
Dr. David Maurer, Plasma Physics
"Kink mode stability physics studies on the HBT-EP tokamak"

Prof. Chris Wiggins, Applied Mathematics
"Learning Networks from Biology; Learning Biology from Networks"
Prof. Richard Kiehl, University of Minnesota
"Dynamic Negative-Differential-Resistance in Molecular Junctions"

Sean Polvino, Materials Science & Engineering
"Stressed: The fate of grad students and transistors alike"
Kyle Krouse, Applied Mathematics
"Rossby Wave Radiation from Tropical Cyclones"

Christian Scheck, Applied Physics
"Low relaxation rate in epitaxial vanadium-doped ultrathin iron films"
Jonathon Wright, Applied Mathematics
"Influences of Tropical Deep Convection on Upper Tropospheric Humidity"

Xuan Gao, Harvard University
"The Sensitivity Limit of Nanowire Bio-Sensors"

Seok Woo Son, Applied Mathematics
"Understanding Southern Hemisphere Climate Change with a Simple GCM Simulations"
Li Li, Materials Science & Engineering
"Introduction to Neutron Diffraction and X-ray Diffraction"

Andrew Ying, Materials Science & Engineering
"What Constitutes an X-Ray Diffraction Average?"
Shengguo Jia, Solid State Physics
"Charging of CdSe Nanocrystals and Mechanical Properties of CdSe Nanocrystal Films"

Jenna Pike, Materials Science & Engineering
"Synthesis and Redox Properties of Copper Oxides and Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles"
Jerry Dadap, Solid State Physics
"Nonlinear Optical Effects in Silicon Nanowires"

Gideon Simpson, Applied Mathematics
"A Multiple Scale Formulation of Magma"
Yinyan Gong, Materials Science & Engineering
"Non-Equilibrium Doping Of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors: GaN:Mg"

Michela Biasutti, Applied Mathematics
"Climate Change in the Sahel"
Quinn Marksteiner, Plasma Physics
"Observations of an Ion Driven Instability in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus"

Yongfeng Guan, Solid State Physics
"Microscopic View of Ferromagnetic Relaxation:
Combined Time-Resolved XMCD and Ferromagnetic Resonance Studies"

Jack Berkery, Plasma Physics
"The Confinement of Non-neutral Plasma on Magnetic Surfaces"

Yikang Deng, Solid State Physics
"Dynamics of Solidification in Supercooled Liquid Silicon Thin Films"
Ed Gerber, Applied Mathematics
"A Tale of Two Models:
Testing the Annular Mode Autocorrelation Timescale in Simple Atmospheric Models"

Wei Wang, Materials Science & Engineering
"Ligand Control of Growth, Morphology, and Capping Structure of Colloidal CdSe Nanorods"
Braxton Osting, Applied Mathematics
"Wave Diffraction in 2D Media"

Kui Ren, Applied Mathematics
"Transport-based imaging in discrete random media"
Ozgur Kalenci, Solid State Physics
"X-ray dynamical diffraction on strained silicon devices"

Sanjukta Bhowmick, Applied Mathematics
"Combinatorial Algorithms for Scientific Computing"
Mark Adams, Applied Mathematics
"Algebraic multigrid methods and their application to constrained systems of equations"

Kristi Hultman, Solid State Physics
"Immunotargeted Iron Oxide Nanoparticle MR Contrast Agents"
Ethan Coon, Applied Mathematics
"Upscaling for Multiphase Porous Flow"

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