Research Conference 2007-2008

Fall 2007 Coordinator: Matias Courdurier
Spring 2008 Coordinator, Michael Weinstein

I. C. Noyan, Materials Science and Engineering
"Microbeam diffraction and beyond"
Chris Wiggins, Applied Mathematics
"What I did last summer / an information theoretic approach to quantifying evolvability in biological networks"

Michael Mauel, Applied Physics
"My sabbatical year as a diplomat"
Latha Venkataraman, Applied Physics
"Measuring the conductance of single molecule junctions"

David Keyes, Applied Mathematics
"A Nonlinearly Implicit Manifesto"
Thomas Pedersen, Applied Physics
"Latest results from the CNT experiment"

Matias Courdurier, Applied Mathematics
"Solving the interior problem of Computed Tomography using a priori knowledge"
Horst Stormer, Applied Physics
"Graphene: 'you can never be too thin or too rich' Mrs. Simpson"

Siu-Wai Chan, Materials Science and Engineering
"Phase Stability in Nanoparticles of Binary Oxides: Ceria-Hafnia, and Hafnia-Zirconia"
Irving Herman, Applied Physics
"Physics of the human body and other nanomaterials"

William Bailey, Materials Science and Engineering
"2008 Nobel Prize for Physics: giant magnetoresistance"
C. K. Chu, Applied Mathematics
"History of the department, part I"

Edwin Gerber, Applied Mathematics
"Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: the importance of stationary planetary waves"
Jake Hofman, Physics
"A Bayesian framework for community detection in networks"

Richard Osgood, Applied Physics
"High level research at the Surface"
Michael Mauel, Applied Physics
"Interchange dynamics in a plasma confined by a strong dipole magnetic field"

Guillaume Bal, Applied Mathematics
Shalom Wind, Materials Science and Engineering
"Putting it together at the nanoscale"

Marc Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Computational magma dynamics and musings on other multi-physics problems"
Ui-Jin Chung, Materials Science and Engineering
"Melting and solidification of pulsed-laser-irradiated titanium oxide films"

I. C. Noyan, Materials Science and Engineering
"Writing Scientific and Technical Communications"
Jerry I. Dadap, Applied Physics
"Wiring up the future: advancing on-chip optical interconnects with deeply scaled silicon photonic wires"

No colloquium: University Holiday

Aron Pinczuk, Applied Physics
Mark Adams, Applied Physics
"Toward 'textbook' multigrid efficiency in fully implicit resistive MHD simulations of fusion plasmas"

Michael Weinstein, Applied Mathematics
Gerald Navratil, Applied Physics
"Adventures in deanland - midterm report"

Ozgur Kalenci, Solid State Physics
"Coherency Effects in Nanobeam X-ray Strain Analysis"
Quinn Marksteiner, Plasma Physics
"Observations of an Ion Driven Instability in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus"

Ethan Coon, Applied Mathematics
"Extended Finite Element Methods for Repeated Rupture"
Kirk Knobelspeisse, Applied Mathematics
"Polarized characterization of the Earth's surface"

Braxton Osting, Applied Mathematics
"Diffraction in a Two-Dimensional Hexagonal Lattice"
Sean Polvino, Materials Science & Engineering
"Adventures in Powder Diffraction: What does the data mean?"

Shengguo Jia, Solid State Physics
"Mechanical Properties of Electrophoretically Deposited CdSe Nanocrystal Films"
Gideon Simpson, Applied Mathematics
"An Effective Medium Theory for Magma Migration"

C.K. Chu, Applied Mathematics
"History of the Department, Part 2"
Sioan Zohar, Solid State Physics
"Magnetic Resonance in Gamma-Fe2O3 Nanoparticle Arrays"

Jake Hofman, Physics
"Inferring the Structure and Scale of Modular Networks"
Pascal Heider, Applied Mathematics
"Scattering Resonances and the Design of Optimal Dielectric Structures"

Andrew Mugler, Physics
"Form, Function, and Evolvability in Biological Networks"
Michael Hahn, Plasma Physics
"Equilibrium Studies in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus"

Jeremy Marzuola, Applied Mathematics
"Fast soliton scattering by delta impurities"
Samar Khatiwala, Applied Mathematics
"Fast spin up of global ocean biogeochemical models using matrix-free Newton-Krylov"

No Colloquium - Spring Break

Simon Billinge, Materials Science & Engineering
"Using novel scattering and advanced computing methods to solve nanostructures: There's plenty of room in the middle"
Yinyan Gong, Materials Science & Engineering
"Increasing Dopant Incorporation in Wide Band Gap Semiconductors via Nano-islands"

Joan Raitano, Materials Science & Engineering
"Nanoparticles of Ceria-Hafnia and Ceria-Copper Oxide: Characterization & Catalytic Applications"
Abby Shaw-Krauss, Applied Mathematics
"Dynamics of an Asymmetric Bubble in a Compressible Fluid"

Paul Brenner, Plasma Physics
"Installation and Operation of a Conducting Boundary in the CNT Stellarator"
Lorenzo Polvani, Applied Mathematics
"Constituent Transport in Baroclinic Lifecycles"

Andrew Ying, Materials Science & Engineering
"Line Broadening Analysis Techniques in X-Ray Diffraction"
Shouzheng Liu, Applied Mathematics
"Towards Implicit Coupling Methods in Multiphysics Models"

Hongying Liang, Materials Science & Engineering
"High performance LiCoO2 prepared in molten salt for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries"
Benoit Durand de Gevigney, Plasma Physics
"Numerical Investigation of Electron Orbits in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus"

Avishai Ofan, Solid State Physics
"Lithium Niobate Mud Flats"
Michael Vidne, Applied Mathematics
"Adaptation To Time Constants In The Fly Visual System"

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