Research Conference 2009-2010

Fall 2009 Coordinator: Michael Weinstein
Spring 2010 Coordinator: Pierre Gentine


Michael Mauel, Applied Physics
"Diffusion of Plasma in Magnetic Fields"
Simon Billinge, Materials Science & Engineering
"Nano Forensics"

Richard Osgood, Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics
"Problems in Nanoscale Condensed Matter Physics: Oxide, Semiconductors, and Metal Crystals"
Marc Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Advanced Software and Block Preconditioners for Multi-physics Problems"

Adam Sobel, Applied Mathematics
"Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillations"
Chris Wiggins, Applied Mathematics
"Fourier, Bethe, and Stochastic Modeling of Genetic Networks"

Pierre Gentine, Applied Mathematics
"Conceptual Land-Atmosphere Models: What Can we Infer From Them?"
Siu-Wai Chan, Materials Science & Engineering

Aron Pinczuk, Applied Physics
"Looking at Electrons in Low-dimensional Structures"
Irving Herman, Applied Physics
"Nanocrystal Skyscrapers and Pretzel Sticks"

Peter B. Kelemen, Earth & Environmental Science
"CO2 Capture and Storage Via Carbonation of Minerals in Rocks from the Earth's Mantle"
I.C. Noyan, Materials Science & Engineering
"Issues in X-ray Diffraction Characterization of Nanomaterials"

Latha Venkataraman, Applied Physics
"Electronics and Mechanics of Single Molecule Circuits"
Adam Showman, University of Arizona
"Atmospheric circulation of giant planets inside and outside the solar system"

Philip Kim, Physics & Applied Physics
"Low dimensional graphitic materials: platform for new science and technology"
Shuguang Wang, Applied Mathematics
"Observation and modeling of the tropopause at mid-latitudes"

Dirk Englund, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics
"Quantum Optics in Photonic Crystals: Applications to Classical and Quantum Information Processing"
Tony Heinz, Electrical Engineering
"Optical Spectroscopy of Graphene"

Daniel Bienstock, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research/Applied Math
"Investigations in power flow models"
Guillaume Bal, Applied Mathematics

Chris Marianetti, Materials Science & Engineering
Hamish Ramsay, Applied Mathematics
"Interannual Variability of Tropical Cyclones in the Australian Region: Influence of ENSO and Large-Scale Environment"

University Holiday - no seminar

Michael Weinstein, Applied Mathematics
"Interpolation Inequalities, Averaging and Applications to Nonlinear Optics"
Jonathan Bronson, Chemistry Department
"Learning Rates and States from Biophysical Time Series: A Bayesian Approach to Model Selection in Single-Molecule FRET Data"

Wenjia Jing, Applied Mathematics
"Corrector Theory for Linear Transport Equations with Random Coefficients"
Oksana Katsuro-Hopkins, Applied Physics
"Balancing a Stick and Resistive Wall Mode Control"

Lei Zhou, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
"An Introduction to Intraseasonal Oscillations in Tropical Atmosphere and a Possible Mechanism"
Melinda Han, Solid State Physics
"Electronic Transport in Graphene Nanoribbons"

Kyle Krouse, Applied Mathematics/Columbia
"Climatology of Multiple Tropical Cyclones"
Solomon Hsiang, Sustainable Development/Columbia
"ENSO and the Global Distribution of Violent Conflicts"

No seminar

Avishai Ofan, Solid State Physics
"Physics of Heavily Implanted Single Crystal Complex Oxides"
Ousmane Ndiaye, International Research Institute for Climate & Society
"Predictability of Seasonal Sahel Rainfall Using GCMs and Lead Time Improvements Using a Coupled Model"

Sarah Kang, Applied Mathematics
"The Response of Tropical Precipitation to Extratropical Thermal Forcing"
Ophir Gaathon, Solid State Physics
"Incorporation of Lithium Niobate, Diamond and Other Exotic Crystalline Materials onto a Micron-scale Integrated-optical-device Platform"

Andrew Mugler, Physics
"Telling Time with an Intrinsically Noisy Clock"
Matthew Worstell, Plasma Physics
"Modifying Interchange Turbulence Through the Application of Rotating Electrostatic Perturbations to a Dipole Confined Plasma"

Nick Hoell, Applied Mathematics
"The Yin and the Yang of Reconstructive Integral Geometry"
Monica Deep, Materials Science & Engineering
"Mixed-phase Solidification of Thin Si films for Photovoltaics"

Xabier Sarasola-Martin, Plasma Physics
"Partially neutralized and quasineutral plasmas in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus"
Jeff Levesque, Plasma Physics
"Implementation of the New HBT-EP Wall and MHD Control System"

No seminar: APAM Open House

Teresa Fazio, Materials Science & Engineering
"Nanopatterned Substrates for Visualizing DNA-Protein Interactions"
Xuefei Yuan, Applied Mathematics
"Moving grids for magnetic reconnection via Newton-Krylov methods"

Jonathan Widawsky, Applied Physics
"Statistically-Determined Molecular I-V's Determined by STM-Break Junction"
Will Martin, Applied Mathematics
"Inverse Problems for the Remote Sensing of Clouds and Small Particles in the Earth's Atmosphere"

Shouzheng Liu, Applied Mathematics
"Solving PDEs on Semi-Structured Grids with PETSc and Chombo"
Anil Raj, Applied Mathematics
"Large-scale sparse learning using the Augmented Lagrangian algorithm"

Ian Langmore, Applied Mathematics
"Importance Sampling and Hybrid Methods for Monte Carlo Simulations of Photon Transport"
Ophir Gaathon
"Incorporation of Lithium Niobate, Diamond and other exotic crystalline materials onto a micron-scale integrated-optical-device platform"

Braxton Osting, Applied Mathematics
"Engineering very long-lived states"
David Goluskin, Applied Mathematics
"A model for reactive convection"

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