Research Conference 2011-2012

Fall 2011 Coordinator: Katayun Barmak
Spring 2012 Coordinator: Francesco Volpe


Vincent Duchene, Applied Mathematics
"Mathematical challenges in Oceanography (and the dead-water phenomenon)"
Irving Herman, Applied Physics
"Nanomaterials Composed of Nanocomponents: Assembly, Optics, Catalysis, and Thermoelectrics"

Ben O'Shaughnessy, Chemical Engineering
"Biophysics of Living Cells"
Ildar Salakhutdinov, Materials Science and Engineering
"New materials for plasmonics: from solar energy to metamaterials"

Latha Venkataraman, Solid State Physics
"Single Molecule Circuits: From Tunneling to Resonant Transport"
Michael Mauel, Plasma Physics
"Dynamics of magnetically confined plasma"

Jon Owen, Chemistry
"The Chemistry of Cadmium Selenide Nanocrystals"

Aron Pinczuk, Applied Physics
"Spectroscopy at the Nanoscale"
Mark Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Keeping it together: new computational methods for multi-physics problem in solid Earth science"

Adam Sobel, Applied Mathematics
"The Madden-Julian Oscillation"
Gerald Navratil, Plasma Physics
"Practical Fusion Energy: Maximizing Plasma Pressure"

Matthew Putman, Materials Science & Engineering
"High throughput Sub-micron filled polymer imaging"
Irving Herman, Applied Physics
"Edward Teller: Friend or Fiend?"

Chris Marianetti, Materials Science and Engineering
"Predicting metal-insulator transitions in transition metal oxides"
David Keyes, Applied Mathematics
"Scalable solvers for the 3D Cahn-Hilliard equation of phase separation"

William Bailey, Materials Science and Engineering
"Ferromagnet/insulator multilayers for integrated inductors in energy-efficient processors"
Richard M. Osgood, Jr., Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics
"Five Hard Pieces: Playing Separately with Each Hand"

No seminar - University Holiday

Michael Weinstein, Applied Mathematics
"Analysis of wave phenomena in microstructures"
Dirk Englund, Electrical Engineering / Applied Physics
"Information processing and sensing with quantum states"

Spring 2012
Francesco Volpe, Coordinator

Sriharsha Aradhya, Solid State Physics
"Feeling the Invisible: Probing Quantum Interference at the Single-molecule Level"
Daisuke Shiraki, Plasma Physics
"Excitation and Detection of Plasma Response to 3D Magnetic Fields"

Matthew Worstell, Plasma Physics
"Experimentally Driving the Inverse Energy Cascade in a Dipole Confined Plasma"

Kerry Stevens, Applied Mathematics
"P-Threads and Shared Memory Programming in PETSc"
Istvan Cziegler, Plasma Physics
"Partially Coherent Fluctuations in Novel High Confinement Regimes of a Tokamak"

Mikhail Treger, Materials Science & Engineering
"Quantitative Analysis of Room Temperature Grain Growth Kinetics in Copper Thin Films through High Resolution X-ray Diffraction"
Jeffrey Levesque, Plasma Physics
"3D Magnetic Structure of Plasmas with an Adjustable Wall Geometry"

David Goluskin, Applied Mathematics
"Large-scale Shear Driven by Convection"
Nikolaus Rath, Plasma Physics
"Magnetic Control of Perturbed Plasma Equilibria"

Philip Chuang, Materials Science & Engineering
"Biomimetic Models of Biomineralization"
Yan Yan, Applied Mathematics
"Parallel Linear Solvers for Simulations of Reactor Thermal Hydraulics"

Erika Penzo, Solid State Physics
"Directed Biomolecular Assembly of Functional Nanostructures"
Xiang Zheng, Applied Mathematics
"Parallel Domain Decomposition Method for Stochastic Cahn-Hilliard Equation"

William Martin, Applied Mathematics
"Determining Airborne Particle Properties from Polarimetric Light Scattering Measurements"
Kate Eckerle, Applied Mathematics
"Cosmic Bubble Collisions in an Interacting Field Theory"

No seminar - Spring Break

Neil Tandon, Applied Mathematics
"The Impact of Climate Change on the Atmospheric Circulation"
Bryan Debono, Plasma Physics
"How rotation affects instabilities and the plasma response to
magnetic perturbations in HBT-EP"

No seminar - Prospective Grad Student Open House

Matthew Putman, Materials Science & Engineering
"Bio-scaffolding for Regenerative Medicine"
Patrick Byrne, Plasma Physics
"Preliminary Results of Plasma Shaping on the HBT-EP Tokamak"

Zhisheng Li, Solid State Physics
"Probing Interface Reactions by STM: Molecular Dynamics on the Angstrom Scale"
Casey Klippel, Applied Mathematics
"Discovering the Ebb and Flow of Ideas in Text Corpora"

Arunabh Batra, Solid State Physics
"The Great Electron Escape: Measuring Charge Transfer Times Across Metal-Molecule Interfaces"
Thomas Roberts, Plasma Physics
"Reduction of Turbulence via Feedback in a Dipole Confined Plasma"

Sean Harnett, Applied Mathematics
"Optimization Models for Incorporating Renewables into Power Grids"
Andrew Weisman, Solid State Physics
"Using Simulated and Experimental Raman Spectroscopy to Determine Molecular Crystal Morphology"

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