Research Conference 2012-2013

Fall 2012 Coordinator: Andrew Cole
Spring 2013 Coordinator: Francesco Volpe

I.C. Noyan, Materials Science & Engineering
"Current Issues in Diffraction Analysis"
Andrew Cole, Plasma Physics "Stress and Torque on Driven Tearing Modes"

David Keyes, Applied Mathematics
"Five years in 25 minutes"
Latha Venkataraman, Applied Physics
"Charge Transfer at the Nano Scale - Single Molecule and X-Ray Photo-Emission Measurements"


Simon Billinge, Materials Science & Engineering
"Atomic Structure at the Nanoscale: From Fuel Cells to Pharmaceuticals"
Ben O'Shaughnessy, Chemical Engineering
"Physics of Living Cells"

Yue Chen, Materials Science & Engineering
“First-principles Evolutionary Searches for New High-pressure Phases of Yttrium”
Matthew Putman, Materials Science & Engineering
"Practical Applications of Visco-Elastic Characterization"

Vanessa Ortiz, Chemical Engineering
"A Multi-scale Computational Approach for the Study of Biomolecular Systems"
Marc Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"New Computational Approaches for Multi-physics Problems in Solid Earth Geosciences (and other disciplines)"

Francesco Volpe, Applied Physics
"Locked Mode Research at DIII-D Tokamak and Stellarator Plans at Columbia"
Abhay Pasupathy, Physics
"Visualizing complex materials at the atomic scale"

Richard Osgood, Jr., Applied Physics
"Interfacial Physics of Condensed Matter Systems: Ultrafast and Ultrasmall Probes"
Shalom Wind, Applied Physics
"Exploiting Biology to Advance Technology and Vice Versa"


Adam Sobel, Applied Mathematics
”Hurricane Sandy"
Irving Herman, Applied Physics
"Designing Nanomaterials and Their Collective Properties"

C. Julian Chen, Applied Physics
"Physics of Human Voice Production: A New Theory with Applications"
Camille Jones, Materials Science & Engineering
"Salt Dopants in Hydrate Inclusion Compounds: Some Results from Neutron Scattering, Thermal Analysis, and Solid-State NMR"

Michael Weinstein, Applied Mathematics
"Waves and symmetry"
Tiffany Shaw, Applied Mathematics
"Stationary wave transport and the summer circulation"

Chris Marianetti, Materials Science & Engineering
Title Not Available
Daniel Bienstock, IEOR/APAM
"Robust Modeling of Epidemics"

Theodore Kramer
"Organic Nanostructures for Hybrid Electronic Devices"
Clara Orbe
"Seasonal Ventilation of the Stratosphere Using One-Way Flux Distributions"

Ningyao Zhang
"Homogenization of Schrodinger Equation with Random Coefficients"
Zhisheng Li
"TiO2(110) Surface Blistering Due to Subsurface Ar Gas Bubbles"

John Dwyer
"Seasonal Changes in Tropical Precipitation Due to Global Warming"
Weiwei Shen
"High-dimensional Portfolio Optimization with Transaction Costs"

Iva Vukicevic
"Wave Propagation through Microstructures"
Cheng Cheng
"Sub-micron Mapping of Ghz Magnetic Susceptibility using Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy"

Yi Li
"Precise Control of Shape Anisotropy in Near-macroscopic Ni80Fe20 Thin-film Rectangles"
Matt Davis
"Measurement and Modeling of the Electron Pressure Profiles in the Levitated Dipole Experiment (LDX)"

Chris Stoafer
"Characterizing HBT-EP Plasmas using the Thomson Scattering Diagnostic"
Xiaohao Yang
"Confirmation of Disordered Structure of Ultrasmall CdSe Nanoparticles from
X-ray Atomic Pair Distribution Function Analysis"

Paul Hughes
"Design of Upgrades for Ferritic Wall Mode Studies on HBT-EP"
Yu Gu
"A weak convergence approach to PDE with random coefficients by Feynman-Kac formula"

Nick Mykins
"Moist Static Energy and the Madden-Julian Oscillation"
P. Thilanka Galwaduge
"Adaptive Optics for Two-Photon Microscopy"

Brian Capozzi
"Electrolye Gating of Single Molecule Junctions"
Michael Jenkinson
"Traveling Waves in Nonlinear Lattices"


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