Research Conference 2013-2014

Fall 2013 Coordinator: Nanfang Yu
Spring 2014 Coordinator: Francesco Volpe


Katayun Barmak, Materials Science & Engineering
"The Ordered L10 phase: Hard Disk Drives, Meteorites and Advanced Permanent Magnets"
Nanfang Yu, Solid State Physics
"Harness the Power of Infrared Light"

Michael Mauel, Plasma Physics
"Physics of Laboratory Magnetospheres"
Latha Venkataraman, Solid State Physics
"Probing Electronics and Mechanics One Molecule at a Time"

Michael Tippett, Applied Mathematics
"Connecting Climate and Severe Weather"
Julian Chen, Applied Physics
"High-Resolution Imaging of Molecular Orbitals Using STM"

I.C. Noyan, Materials Science & Engineering
"Applications of Diffraction Analysis to Materials Characterization"
Irving Herman, Solid State Physics
"Intelligent Assembly and Physics of Nanomaterials"

Julian Chen, Applied Physics
"Equivalence of Tunneling Conductance and Chemical-bond Force: Experimental Verifications"
Tiffany Shaw, Applied Mathematics
"Toward an understanding of Earth's Monsoons"

No seminar - 1st yr students required to attend laboratory and fire safety training

10/25/13 - seminar starts at 9:30 AM
Simon Billinge, Materials Science & Engineering
"The Materials Complexity Frontier: Nanostructure and Heterogeneities"

Lorenzo Polvani, Applied Mathematics
"Recent Antarctic Sea Ice Trends, Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and Natural Variability"
Aron Pinczuk, Solid State Physics
"Spectroscopy at the Nanoscale"

11/8/13 - seminar starts at 9:45 AM
Marc Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Advanced Software for Scientific Computation"

Pierre-David Létourneau, Applied Mathematics
"Fast Algorithm for Elastic Wave Propagation in Highly-Heterogeneous Media"
Richard Osgood, Jr., Solid State Physics
"Under Stress"

Chris Marianetti, Materials Science and Engineering
"Nonlinear Lattice Dynamics from First-principles"
Francesco Volpe, Plasma Physics
"Spinning up Magnetic Islands to Avoid Tokamak Disruptions and Measure Field Errors"

No seminar - University Holiday

Andrew Cole, Plasma Physics
"The joy of approximation: theory and modeling of momentum, torques, and stability in fusion plasmas"
Ozgur Sahin, Biological Sciences and Physics
“Harnessing mechanical behaviors of biomolecules and cells for applications in energy and medicine”

Dov Rhodes, Plasma Physics (Advisors: Andrew Cole & Gerald Navratil)
"Fast Fourier Transform and Applications to Plasma Physics"
Arun Batra, Solid State Physics (Advisor: Latha Venkataraman)
"Towards a Quantum Interference Enabled Single-Molecule Switch"

Eric Isaacs, Solid State Physics (Advisor: Chris Marianetti)
"Using quantum mechanics and a supercomputer to reveal how the world's strongest, thinnest materials break"
Philip Chuang, Materials Science & Engineering (Advisors: Helen Lu & James Im)
"Synthetic Matrix Vesicles Modulate Mineralization Response of Human Osteoblast-like Cells"

2/7/14 - no seminar

Erika Penzo, Solid State Physics (Advisor: Wind)
"Directed assembly of nanodevices; or how to bring nano structures from solution to ordered arrays on a surface"
James Lee-Thorp, Applied Mathematics (Advisor: Michael Weinstein)
"Topologically Protected States And Dirac Points"

Iva Vukicevic, Applied Mathematics (Advisor: Michael Weinstein)
"Localization properties of highly oscillatory potentials"
Datong Zhang, Solid State Physics (Advisor: Irving Herman)
Title not available

Andrew Weisman, Solid State Physics (Advisors: Richard Friesner & Chris Marianetti)
"A First-Principles Polarized Raman Method for Determining Whether a Sample is Crystalline or Isotropic"
Yan Yan, Applied Mathematics (Advisor: David Keyes)
"Boundary Control of Fluid-Solid Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems"

Michael Jenkinson, Applied Mathematics (Advisor: Michael Weinstein)
"Localized Waves in Nonlinear Lattices"
Ying Wang, Materials Science & Engineering (Advisor: James Im)
"Si-SiO2 Interfacial Energy Analysis through Mixed Phase Solidification"

Chenyang Shi, Materials Science & Engineering (Advisor: Simon Billinge)
"Lattice dynamics study on size dependent CdSe clusters through PDF, Raman, IXS coupled with MD and DFT calculations"
Max Roberts, Plasma Physics (Advisor: Michael Mauel)
"Feedback with Current Injection on Turbulence in Dipole Confined Plasmas"

3/21/14 - no seminar (Spring Break)

3/28/14 - no seminar (Open House)

Yi Li, Materials Science & Engineering (Advisor: William Bailey)
"Spin wave dynamics in ferromagnetic thin films: fundamentals in mode profiles and Gilbert damping"
Sheng Wang, Solid State Physics (Advisor: Aron Pinczuk)
"Artificial graphene: from growth by MBE to electrons in patterned GaAs quantum well"

Olgun Adak, Solid State Physics (Advisor: Latha Venkataraman)
"Site specific flicker noise in single molecule junctions and its origin"
Hande Öztürk, Materials Science & Engineering (Advisor: I. C. Noyan)
"Particle Size Dependence of the Information Volume in XRD Analysis"

Chenxi Guo, Applied Mathematics (Advisor: Guillaume Bal)
"Anisotropic Inverse Problems from Internal Functionals"
Qian Peng, Plasma Physics (Advisors: Andrew Cole & Michael Mauel)
"Feedback system in HBTEP"

Kate Eckerle, Applied Mathematics (Advisors: Brian Greene & David Keyes)
"Moving Through the Landscape By Way of Kink Collisions"
Zhaoyi Li, Materials Science & Engineering (Advisor: Nanfang Yu)
“Modulation of Mid-infrared light using Graphene-Metal plasmonic metasurface”

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