Research Conference 2014-2015

Andrew Cole, Fall 2014 Coordinator
Kyle Mandli, Spring 2015 Coordinator

Latha Venkataraman, Solid State Physics
"Physics and Chemistry at the Single-Molecule Level"
Michael Mauel, Plasma Physics
“Discovery Fusion Energy Science using a Superconducting Laboratory Magnetosphere”

I.C. Noyan, Materials Science & Engineering
“Sampling & Intensity Statistics of Diffraction Measurements”
Simon Billinge, Materials Science & Engineering
“The Materials Complexity Frontier: Applied Math and Computational Challenges”

: Special time 9:45 AM
Nanfang Yu, Solid State Physics
"Controlling light with flat designer optics"

Adam Sobel, Applied Mathematics
"Climate influences on hurricanes and on tornadoes: any commonalities?"
Irving Herman, Solid State Physics
"Nanocrystals, Graphene, and Life"

Kyle Mandli, Applied Mathematics
“Computing Hazards in the Shallows”
Francesco Volpe, Plasma Physics
"Stellarators: the honey-dipper stable approach to fusion"

Rainer Bleck, NASA GISS
"Diagnostics and prediction of atmospheric blocking"
George Tselioudis, NASA GISS
"Clouds and the general circulation: Poleward cloud shifts and the role of the Hadley cell and the baroclinic storm track"

Anastasia Romanou, NASA GISS
"Ocean carbon pump and climate"
"Weeks to months forecasting of hurricane hazard"

Brian Cairns, NASA GISS
"A Polarizing View of Clouds and Aerosols"
Jan Perlwitz, NASA GISS
"Predicting the Mineral Composition of Dust Aerosols With an Earth System Model"

Julian Chen, Applied Physics
"Solar Energy R&D Projects in Brazil"
Marc Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Multi physics computation for coupled fluid-solid mechanics in earth sciences"

Aron Pinczuk, Solid State Physics
"Spectroscopy at the Nanoscale"

Pierre-David Létourneau, Applied Mathematics
"Resolution and De-aliasing in elastography"
Lorenzo Polvani, Applied Mathematics
"Cloud biases in the latest generation of climate models"

No seminar - University Holiday

Richard Osgood, Solid State Physics
"Covering a Broad Band Width: Research in the Osgood Lab"
Chris Marianetti, Materials Science & Engineering

Taha Mirhoseini, Plasma Physics (Volpe group)
"Mathematical and Experimental Approach to Magnetohydrodynamic Problems; Meltpool Control and Thermoacoustic-MHD Generator"
Brian Capozzi, Solid State Physics (Venkataraman Group)
"Environmentally Enabled Single-Molecule Diodes"

Wencan Jin, Solid State Physics (Osgood group)
"ARPES Studies on Graphene/MoS2 heterostructure"
Sheng Wang, Solid State Physics (Pinczuk group)
"Artificial Graphene in Nanopatterned Quantum Wells"

Vernon Wong, Materials Science & Engineering (Im group)
"A New Nucleation-initiated Microstructure in Thin Si Films"
Paul Hughes, Plasma Physics (Navratil group)
"Effect of a Ferritic Wall on MHD Stability in HBT-EP"

Kenneth Hammond, Plasma Physics (Volpe group)
"Initial Characterization of Electron Cyclotron Heated Plasmas in the Columbia Non-Neutral Torus"
Alexander Watson, Applied Mathematics (Weinstein group)
"The Spin Hall Effect of Light: a Dynamical Berry Phase Effect"

Diego Scarabelli, Solid State Physics (Wind group)
"Fabrication of Advanced Quantum electronic and Spin Systems"
J.J. Wang, Materials Science & Engineering (Im group)
"Pulsed-laser Melting of Si Thin-films"

Haixing Li, Solid State Physics (Venkataraman group)
"Electric Field Breakdown in Single Molecule Junctions"
Peter Bullen, Solid State Physics (Osgood group)
"Periodic Poling of Thin Lithium Niobate"

Dov Rhodes, Plasma Physics (Cole/Navratil groups)
"Modeling the Error-Field Response of Tokamak Plasmas"
Hasan Cagan Ozen, Applied Mathematics (Bal group)
"Dynamical Polynomial Chaos Expansions"

Philip Rodenbough, Materials Science & Engineering (Chan group)
"Oxides of cerium and chromium: bulk modulus and catalysis studies"
Dan Shaevitz, Applied Mathematics (Sobel group)
"Extreme precipitation: The interaction of large-scale dynamics with moist convection during floods of northeast Pakistan"

Chenyang Shi, Materials Science & Engineering (Billinge group)
"Lattice Dynamics of CdSe Bulk and Nanoclusters"
Maxwell Terben, Materials Science & Engineering (Billinge group)
"Probing the local structure of disordered pharmaceutical formulations"

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