Research Conference 2016-2017

Fall 2016 Coordinator: Yuan Yang
Spring 2017 Coordinator: Alexander Gaeta

Latha Venkataraman
, Solid State Physics
"Single-Molecule Electronics"
Nanfang Yu, Solid State Physics
"Flat Optics"

Michael Mauel, Plasma Physics
"Observations as a new Editor-in-Chief"
Oleg Gang, Solid State Physics & Materials Science
"Self-Assembly by Design"

Adam Sobel, Atmospheric Science
"Are Hurricanes Getting Stronger?"
I. Cevdet Noyan, Materials Science & Engineering
"Anatomy of a Diffraction Experiment"


Simon Billinge
, Materials Science & Engineering
"Nanostructure challenges and successes, from 16th Century warships to 21st Century Energy"
Irving Herman, Solid State Physics
"The Optics of 2D Nanostructures: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t (and vice versa)"

Kyle Mandli, Applied Mathematics
"How Computational Mathematics Can Solve the Big Questions in Storm Surge Prediction"

10/14/16 - No seminar

Marc Spiegelman, Applied Mathematics
"Flow, react, crack: computational methods for reactive fluid flow in solid Earth science"
Lorenzo Polvani, Applied Mathematics
"Understanding recent Antarctic temperature trends"

10/28/16 - No seminar

Yuan Yang, Materials Science & Engineering
"Electrochemical Materials for Energy Application"

Francesco A. Volpe, Plasma Physics
"Liquid Metal Walls"
Alexander Gaeta , Solid State Physics & Materials Science
"Temporal Magnification and Compression of Light"11/18/16
Michael Tippett, Applied Mathematics
"Extreme Tornado Outbreaks"
Katayun Barmak, Materials Science & Engineering
"Metallic Films: Synthesis, Structure, Properties"

11/25/16 - No seminar (Thanksgiving Break)

Chris Marianetti, Materials Science & Engineering
"Materials science from first-principles"
Andrew Cole Plasma Physics
"Boundary layers, shape, and tokamak stability"

William Bailey, Materials Science & Engineering
Aron Pinczuk, Solid State Physics
"Nanostructured Semiconductors"

Haixing Li, Solid State Physics (Venkataraman Group)
"Mechanism for Si—Si Bond Rupture in Single Molecule Junctions"
Seung-Yub Lee, Associate Research Scientist, Materials Science & Engineering (Noyan Group)
"Temperature measurement with neutron diffraction"

Mark England, Applied Mathematics (Polvani Group)
"Stratospheric ozone depletion and the Amundsen Sea Low"
Bernard Lipat, Applied Mathematics (Tselioudis / Polvani Groups)
"Clouds and Climate"

Shangmin Xiong, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Materials Science & Engineering (Noyan Group)
"X-ray diffuse scattering of nanoparticles"

Maxwell Terban, Materials Science & Engineering (Billinge Group)
"Total scattering characterization of thin films grown using low temperature, microwave-assisted synthesis"
Giacomo Lovat, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Applied Physics (Venkataraman Group)
"Charge transport in metal chalcogenide single-cluster junctions"

Yi Lin, Solid State Physics (Osgood Group)
"Use of Image Potential State to Probe Oxygen Intercalation in Gr/Ir Interface by Two-Photon-Photoemission Spectroscopy"
Jyotirmoy Mandal, Applied Physics (Yang Group)
“Coloring across the visible to mid-infrared wavelengths: Some Ideas and Applications”


Shaowen Chen, Condensed Matter Physics (Dean Group)
“Electron Optics with Ballistic Graphene Junction”
E-Dean Fung, Solid State Physics (Venkataraman Group)
"Light Enhanced Transport in Single-Molecule Junctions"

3/17/17 - No Seminar (Spring Break)

Wei Cao, Materials Science & Engineering (Bailey Group)
"Evaluation of Anisotropic Spin Pumping in the Py/Pt System"
Jiao Li, Applied Mathematics (Mandli Group)
"GeoClaw: Coastal Flooding Simulations"

- No Seminar

Zhengqian Cheng, Materials Science & Engineering (Marianetti Group)
"Single-particle plus local reduced density matrix functional theory for fermionic lattice"
Cheng-Chia Tsai, Applied Physics (Yu Group)
"Temperature Regulation of Butterfly Wings Using Radiative Cooling"

Soham Banerjee, Materials Science & Engineering (Billinge Group)
"Heterogeneity in nanoparticles: Characterizing chemical and structural heterogeneities when things get really small"
Nan Shi, Applied Physics (Yu Group)
"Nano-Photonic Structures Discovered in Wild Comet Moth"

Peter Bullen, Solid State Physics/Optics (Osgood & Kymissis Groups)
"Spectroscopic Analysis of Whole Blood"
Yaping Zhang, Solid State Physics (Venkataraman Group)
"Manipulating Single Molecular Junctions Using Electrochemical Environment"

Mel Abler, Plasma Physics (Mauel Group)
"Preliminary Measurements of Scrape-Off Layer Currents on HBT-EP"
Sajan Shrestha, Applied Physics (Yu Group)
"Broadband Achromatic Metasurface Lenses"

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