Retirement Party for Prof. Herbert Goldstein

A retirement reception was held for Prof. Herbert Goldstein on November 5, 1990 in the Carleton Lounge in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The gathering was made up of friends, colleagues, and students from various stages of his long and successful scientific career. Goldstein came to Columbia in 1961 as a full professor, after spending a decade in industry as a physicist and senior advisor at Nuclear Development Associates (later United Nuclear Corporation) in White Plains.

Students and colleagues reminisced about their experiences with Prof. Goldstein. They consistently praised his ability to illuminate complicated subjects. His thoroughness and his clear, unambiguous, and rigorous teaching were appreciated by many, as was his irrepressible sense of humor. Many people recalled that their acquaintance with Prof. Goldstein began memorably, well before meeting him in person: they have studied his widely-read graduate text, Classical Mechanics.

Among those speaking were Prof. Leon Lidofsky, Prof. William W. Havens, Jr. (Emeritus), Prof. Raphael Aronson (Polytechnical Institute of New York), Dean Emeritus Robert A Gross, Dr. Sol Pearlstein (Head, Nuclear Data Evaluation Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory), Prof. Mal Kalos (Head, Theory Section, Applied Mathematics Department, Cornell University), Dr. Mendel Beer (Union of Orthodox Jewish Scientists), Dr. Madeline Feltus, Ph.D. '90 (International Technical Services), and Dr. Steven Ostrow, Eng.Sc.D. '78 (Ebasco Services, Inc.).

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