SEAS Colloquium in Climte Science (SCiCS) 2010-2011

9/7/10 (Tuesday) 2:45 PM, 214 Mudd
Joint Applied Mathematics Colloquium/SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science
Kevin Walsh, University of Melbourne
"Aspects of the observation and simulation of the intraseasonal oscillation over the Maritime Continent"
Host: Adam Sobel

Jim Benedict, Colorado State University
"Tropical Intraseasonal Variability: GCM Simulation Results and Remaining Challenges"
Host: Adam Sobel

Amy Butler, NOAA/CDC
"The Atmospheric Circulation Response to Temperature Changes in a Simple GCM"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

No colloquium

Stephan Fueglistaler, Princeton University
"Stratospheric water vapour - enigma or Rosetta stone?"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Scot Martin, Harvard University
"Organic Particles in the Natural Atmosphere: The Chemistry of How They Form and How They Affect Climate: Plants and the Hydrological Cycle"
Host: V. Faye McNeill

10/21/10, 12:00 noon, 210 Mudd
Special SCiCS Colloquium
Dargan Frierson, University of Washington
"Forcings, Feedbacks, and Tropical Precipitation Shifts in the 20th and 21st Century"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

10/21/10, 3:00 PM, 214 Mudd
Steve Feldstein, Penn State
"Teleconnections: Intraseasonal and interannual variability"
Host: Tiffany Shaw

Thomas Haine, John Hopkins University
"Simulation and Assimilation of Denmark Strait Overflow"
Host: Tiffany Shaw

Marat Khairoutdinov, SUNY Stony Brook
"Application of a cloud-resolving model to address a climate-change problem"
Host: Adam Sobel

Wayne Schubert, Colorado State University
"A Review of Recent Research on the Dynamics of Tropical Cyclones"
Host: Adam Sobel

Chaim Garfinkel, Johns Hopkins University
"The Influence of the Stratospheric Equatorial Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on the Troposphere in Wintertime"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

11/23/10, 2:45 PM, 227 Mudd
Joint Applied Mathematics Colloquium/SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science
Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland
"Ensemble Kalman Filter: Status and Potential"
Host: Adam Sobel

Lei Zhou, LDEO/Columbia University
"Frequency shifts in transient response to external forcing"
Host: Hamish Ramsay

Lareef Zubair, International Research Institute for Climate and Society
"Hydro-Climatic Diagnosis and Modeling to support Adaptation to Tropical Climate Variability"
Host: Adam Sobel

Joint Applied Mathematics Colloquium/SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science
Claire Monteleoni, Columbia University
"Tracking Climate Models: Advances in Climate Informatics"
Host: Adam Sobel & Lorenzo Polvani

Robert Pincus, University of Colorado
"What ensembles of climate models might (and might) be able to tell us about uncertainty in climate projections"
Host: Adam Sobel

Nathan Paldor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"A forced Shallow Water model of Hadley circulation"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Louis-Philippe Nadeau, NYU
"Influence of Basin-like Circulation on the Antarctic Circumpolar Current"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Elie Bou-Zeid, Princeton University
"Parameterization of the stable ABL in climate models: understanding the effect of stability, model resolution, and the need for excessively high turbulent diffusivities"
Host: Pierre Gentine

Annmarie Carlton, Rutgers University
"Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABCs): predicting the vertical profile of particulate carbon"
Host: V. Faye McNeill

Ying Li, Princeton University
"The Role of the Stratosphere in the Teleconnection between ENSO and the Atmospheric Circulation over the North Atlantic"
Host: Sarah Kang

Frank Keutsch, University of Wisconsin
"Field and Laboratory Studies of Atmospheric Oxidative Chemistry:
Implications for Models of Ozone and Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation"

Host: V. Faye McNeill

Geoff Vallis, GDFL/Princeton University
"Climate Sensitivity and Ocean Heat Uptake"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Johan Nilsson, Stockholm University
"The general circulation on an aqua-planet with multiple equilibrium climates; do ocean-atmosphere feedbacks control the E-P difference between the Atlantic and the Pacific?"
Host: Adam Sobel

Ming Zhao, GDFL/Princeton University
"Simulations of Global Hurricane Climatology, Variability and Response to Global Warming Using a High Resolution AGCM"
Host: Lei Zhou

Andrew Ackerman, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
"Aerosol indirect effects in stratocumulus: Modulation by cloud-top entrainment"
Host: Hamish Ramsay

David Battisti, University of Washington
"Atmospheric & Surface contributions to Planetary Albedo and their relationship to the total meridional energy transport"
Host: Michela Biasutti

Pedro DiNezio, Cooperative Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Studies
"Tropical Pacific Climate Change"
Host: Christina Karamperidou

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