SEAS Colloquium in Climte Science (SCiCS) 2013-2014

Thursday, October 3
Thomas Birner, Colorado State
"Up-gradient Eddy Fluxes of Potential Vorticity Near the Subtropical Jet"
Host: Tiffany Shaw

Tuesday, October 15
, 210 Mudd (APAM Conference Room)
Cecilia Bitz, University of Washington
"Polar Amplifications: Mechanisms and Consequences"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Thursday, October 17
Naftali Cohen, NYU
"Stratospheric Interactions Between Resolved and Unresolved Waves: Mechanisms, Implications and Limitations on Downward Control"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Thursday, November 7
Rodrigo Caballero, Stockholm University
"Dynamics and sensitivity of very warm climates"
Host: Adam Sobel

Tuesday, November 12, 210 Mudd (APAM Conference Room)
Andrew Gettelman, NCAR
"Structural Diagnostics of the Tropopause Inversion Layer and its Evolution"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Thursday,  November 21

Amanda O'Rourke, Princeton
"The role of long and short waves in the interaction of the subtropical and eddy-driven jets"
Host: Tiffany Shaw

Spring 2014

Gerard Roe, University of Washington
“Humpty Dumpty and Regional Climate Change”
Host: Adam Sobel

Satoru Yokoi, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
"Representation of water vapor budget associated with Madden-Julian Oscillation
in three reanalysis products: JRA-55, JRA-25 and ERA Interim
Host: Adam Sobel

Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
Thomas Goldstein, Rice University
“Adaptive Optimization for Big Data"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
Kyle Mandli, University of Texas at Austin
"Approaches to Forecasting Storm Surge More Quickly and Accurately"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
Kyle Amour, MIT
"Causes and consequences of time-varying climate sensitivity"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Pu Lin, Princeton/GFDL
"Understanding changes in the stratospheric circulation: shallow versus deep branch"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Paul Ginoux, Princeton/GFDL
"Contribution of climate and landuse changes to long-term variability of dust concentration"
Hosts: Lorenzo Polvani & Arlene Fiore

Yutian Wu, Purdue University
"Midlatitude Tropopause and Low-level Moisture"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

David Thompson, Colorado State University
"Periodic variability in the extratropical atmosphere"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Jiacan Yuan, Peking University
"Intra-seasonal variabilities of jet streams in boreal winter and their mechanisms"
Host: Tiffany Shaw

Gabriel Chiodo, Complutense University, Madrid
"Simulation of the effects of the 11-year Solar Cycle on climate"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Siyuan Lu, IBM
"Machine-learning based multi-model blending - A versatile approach to enhancing renewable energy forecasting"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

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