SEAS Colloquium in Climte Science (SCiCS) 2014-2015

Fall 2014 Coordinator: Lorenzo Polvani
Spring 2015 Coordinators: Shuguang Wang, Ari Solomon, & Adam Sobel

Katinka Bellomo, University Miami
"The influence of cloud feedbacks on the leading modes of internal climate variability"

Shane Keating, University of New South Wales
"The Oceanic Charney Problem: the role of surface buoyancy gradients on mesocale eddies and waves"

In-Sik Kang, Seoul National University
"A GCM with explicit cloud microphysics for simulation of extreme precipitation frequency"

Ross Salawitch, University of Maryland
"Empirical Determination of the Human Influence on Climate Change"

Dimitris Giannakis, NYU
"Data-driven methods for climate science: Extracting and predicting large-scale patterns of organized convection in the tropics"

Martin Singh, Harvard University
"Moist convection in different climates: lessons from radiative-convective equilibrium"

Spring 2015

David Da-Wei Yao, Industrial Eng. & Operations Research Dept., Columbia University
(Sponsored by the Columbia Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate)
"A Stochastic Network Approach to Contagion Dynamics"

Melissa Gervais, McGill University
"The Evolution of Arctic Air Masses in a Warming World"


Jean-Philippe Duvel, LMD/ENS, Paris
(Sponsored by the Columbia Alliance Program)
"Initiation and Intensification of Tropical Depressions over the Southern Indian Ocean: Influence of the MJO"

Lei Wang, University of Chicago
"The Timescale of Wave-mean Flow Interaction in the Troposphere"

William Seviour, Johns Hopkins University
"Extreme Variability of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex"

Dan Chavas, Princeton University
"The Tropical Cyclone Wind Field and its Variability"

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