SEAS Colloquium in Climte Science (SCiCS) 2017-2018

Fall 2017

Johnny Luo, CUNY
"Satellite-Based Estimates of Convective Mass Flux: A New Approach and Potential Applications"
Host: Ding Ma

9/19/17 (Tuesday, 2:45 PM, 214 Mudd)
Joint Applied Mathematics Colloquium / SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science
Michael Ghil, Ecole Normale Supérieure & UCLA
"Climate Change & Climate Variability: A Unified Mathematical Framework"
Host: Michael Tippett

Brian Rose, University of Albany-SUNY
"Why does climate sensitivity go up as ocean heat uptake declines? A linear systems perspective"
Host: Ding Ma

Clara Orbe, Johns Hopkins University/GESTAR, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
"Large-Scale Tropospheric Transport: Constraints from Models and Observations"
Host: Antara Banerjee

Edmund Chang, SUNY Stony Brook
"Extratropical Cyclones and Weather Extremes"
Host: Ding Ma

Yohai Kaspi, Weizmann Institute of Science
"Juno at Jupiter: the first year"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

Larissa Back, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Moist static energy budgets and gross moist stability in observations over the tropical oceans"
Host: Ding Ma

10/24/17 (Tuesday, 2:45 PM, 214 Mudd)
Nicholas Lutsko, MIT
"What Can the Internal Variability of CMIP5 Models Tell Us About Their Climate Sensitivity?"
Host: Ding Ma

Anthony Broccoli, Rutgers University
"Storm Surge-Producing Extratropical Cyclones in the Northeastern United States in Observations and Models"
Host: Ding Ma

Andrew Dessler, Texas A&M
"An analysis of the Earth’s energy balance framework"
Host: Antara Banerjee

Nadir Jeevanjee, Princeton University
"How will mean rainfall change with global warming?"
Host: Ding Ma

Hyemi Kim, Stony Brook University
"MJO prediction: Current status and challenges"
Host: Chia-Ying Lee

James Booth, CUNY
"Linking the Paths of Extratropical Cyclones to Hazards and Blocking"


Spring 2018

SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science
Masaki Satoh
, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
"Response of Tropical Cyclone Activity and Structure to Global Warming in a High-Resolution Global Nonhydrostatic Model, NICAM"
Host: Suzana Camargo

Ángel F. Adames-Corraliza, Princeton/GFDL
"Interactions between water vapor and potential vorticity in synoptic-scale monsoonal disturbances"
Host: Ding Ma

Deanna Hence, Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Going Deep: Examining the Multi-scale Interactions of Tropical Deep Convection with Remote Sensing"
Host: Ding Ma

David Thompson, Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University
“A key constraint on the depth of the extratropical troposphere”
Host: Ding Ma

Da Yang, UC Berkeley
"A boundary layer framework for convective self-aggregation"
Host: Ding Ma

Ted Shepherd, Reading University UK
"Climate change: The challenge of atmospheric circulation"
Host: Adam Sobel

Pedram Hassanzadeh, Rice University
"Eddy-jet feedback in annular mode dynamics"
Host: Ding Ma

Wanying Kang, Harvard University
"Teleconnection - from the tropics to the Arctic stratosphere"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

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