Senior Design Expo

Veronica Reynolds (B.S. '14 Materials Science) presented a poster on the "Structural Investigation of Nanoscale Materials from X-Ray Diffration Data through Modelling" at this year's Senior Design Expo. (Joint work with Hande Ozturk and Prof. I.C. Noyan)

"The primary question of my project was: given x-ray diffraction data of an unknown sample, what can we learn about its corresponding structure? For materials with long-range order this question is solved by crystallography. At the nanoscale, however, our traditional structural analysis methods don't necessarily hold true. My investigation involved a series of attempts to obtain structural information such as interatomic distance distribution, particle size, and coordination number from theoretically-calculated diffraction data of simulated nanoparticle powder samples using the pair distribution function (PDF), obtained using PDFgetX3, software developed by the Billinge Group."

Video: 2014 SEAS Senior Design Expo

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