SIAM Students Participate in the Engineering Exploration Experience

A group of SIAM students, Chloe Blanchard (Applied Math '16), Ivy Chen, and Lu Qiao, helped to design and run one of the workshops the Columbia Society of Women Engineers Engineering Exploration Experience.

Many of these workshops include lab visits, lectures by notable SEAS faculty and alumni, and hands-on demonstrations. For an applied math demonstration, the group decided on the hands on approach and worked on presenting two Jupyter notebooks - one studying the tracks and intensities of hurricanes in the Atlantic and the other on ways to study match fixing in tennis. The first was based on publicly available data for the last fifty years of storms and asked the participants to formulate and ask questions of the data. The second was based off of a BuzzFeed tutorial studying predictability of tennis matches and, as a consequence, likelihood that someone may have cheated.

Photo (left-right): Chloe Blanchard, Prof. Kyle Mandli, Ivy Chen, and Lu Qiao

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