Sobel on Hurricane Joaquin & Extreme Weather

Adam Sobel, Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and author of the book "Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future," was recently interviewed about Hurricane Joaquin.

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 1, 2015
"NYC’s Subway System, Still Recovering From Sandy, Prepares for Joaquin"

WNYC News, Oct. 1, 2015
"This Hurricane Won't be Like the Last One"

State of the Planet, Sept. 30, 2015
"Joaquin? There’s No Perfect Forecast, So Stay Tuned"

WXshift, Sept. 30, 2015
"Joaquin? There’s No Perfect Forecast, So Stay Tuned, Be Prepared"

Sobel was also featured in the Science Magazine article, ""The Storm King," publishd on Oct. 1. 2015, regarding the Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO) - the biggest driver of tropical weather.

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Sobel Interviewed on Extreme Weather Events

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