Sobel & Marvel at the Workshop on Correlated Extremes

Adam Sobel, Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Kate Marvel, APAM Associate Research Scientist at NASA GISS, were featured on a kick-off panel at the Workshop on Correlated Extremes which took place at Columbia University from May 29-31, 2019.

The workshop, hosted by Columbia's Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate, focused on correlated climate extremes and their rapidly growing impact on climate and atmospheric dynamics, boundary-layer meteorology, statistics, climatology, policy, and social sciences. Full details, including slides, videos of the talks, and transcripts are available online.

Prof. Sobel and Dr. Marvel were also mentioned in this PBS article, "I’m a college student who met the world’s top climate scientists. Here are 5 things I learned."

Photo: (left-right) Adam Sobel (Columbia University, APAM), Michael Oppenheimer (Princeton),  Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick (UNSW), and moderator Kate Marvel (APAM - NASA GISS)

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