Sobel Testifies Before Congress on Extreme Weather

Adam Sobel, Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and of Earth and Environmental Sciences, testified before Congress on Thursday, September 26, 2019, as part of the hearing on "Understanding, Forecasting, and Communicating Extreme Weather in a Changing Climate."

His full written testimony can be found here.

 In the hearing, Prof. Sobel:

- Gives his opening remarks at 24:30
- Was questioned by Mr. Babin on hurricane related precipitation at 1:10:27
- Was questioned by Mr. Rooney on coral reefs at 1:21:32
- Was questioned by Ms. Fletcher on human impact on climate change at 1:26:25
- Comments on a question from Mr. Lamb on the cause of rainstorms and flooding at 1:38:42
- Comments on a question from Mr. Posey on hurricane predictions in Florida at 1:45:56
- Was questioned by Mr. Foster on steering hurricanes at 1:49:37
- Was questioned by Ms. Wexton on NOAA restrictions on information to public at 2:00:30

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