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This term we celebrate the wonderful graduates of our undergraduate and graduate programs, and note those who won departmental prizes!

We are so very proud that APAM graduated the class salutatorian last year, Stanley Snelson, and the class valedictorian this year, Seth Davidovits.

In this issue we also profile the many exciting recent activities in APAM. We highlight the major awards and recognition received by Simon Billinge, Allen Boozer, Latha Venkataraman, Michael Weinstein and Steve Sabbagh. We report on the spectacular success of Michael Mauel’s levitated dipole plasma physics experiment. We also note the articles in the Columbia press and general science media written about and by our faculty members Chris Wiggins and Simon Billinge.
We in APAM are very pleased to extend a warm hello to our alumni and other friends of the department.

Please let us know of important events in your lives!

Irving P. Herman, APAM Chair


APAM News: Spring 2010, Vol. 4 Issue 2

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