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We once again celebrate another glorious year!

In this issue we highlight the wonderful graduates of our undergraduate and graduate programs this academic year, and note those who won departmental prizes and have received other forms of recognition!

In this issue we also report on the many exciting recent activities in APAM. We highlight the major awards and recognition received by Dirk Englund, David Keyes, Tom Marshall, and Latha Venkataraman. We also review the activities and breakthroughs by Simon Billinge, Mark Cane, Chris Marianetti, Richard Osgood, Lorenzo Polvani, Adam Sobel, and Marc Spiegelman.

Our department hosted a memorial service for our colleague, Professor Gertrude Neumark. I would like to deeply thank Cev Noyan and Igor Kuskovsky for organizing this moving event.

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Irving P. Herman, APAM Chair


APAM News: Spring 2011, Vol. 5 Issue 2

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