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Another school year is over. We have turned in our grades and celebrated our students who graduated this academic year. Our first year graduate students are now past their qualifier examination and have selected their advisors. We are ready to put in another summer of hard work, excellent research, and a bit of recreation.

In this issue we highlight our graduates and award winners as well as the achievements of our faculty and alumni during the last semester. The spring semester has been a busy time, with lots of activities and many awards. Prof.  Mark Cane was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Prof. Chris Marianetti received the Fame Research Grant Award, and the 2013 Kaul Foundation Prize of Princeton University was awarded to Prof. Steve Sabbagh. Our colleagues, Professors Christman and Nickoloff, retired after years of selfless service to our Medical Physics Program.

For the summer of 2013, we at APAM extend our warmest greetings to our friends and alumni and hope to keep in touch.

I. Cevdet Noyan, APAM Chair


APAM News: Spring 2013, Vol. 7 Issue 2

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