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Dear Dear Alumni and Friends of APAM:

Spring semesters are bitter-sweet for academic institutions. While the faculty and staff look forward to a “less-than-hectic” summer term, in which the corporeal and spiritual rejuvenation of the Department can be undertaken, we also have to say good-bye to cherished colleagues with whom we have been working together for many years.

Most of our undergraduate and graduate students finish their studies in May and depart to take their place in the outside world. In 2013-2014 APAM had 45 graduating seniors. In the same time-frame 57 graduate students, 11 with Ph.D. and 46 with M. Sci. degrees, received their diplomas.

We at APAM are proud of all of our graduates, present and past, and wish them success in their future endeavors. In addition, I, personally, would like to extend my best wishes for a restful and productive summer to the entire APAM community.


I. Cevdet Noyan
Chair, APAM


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