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Dear Alumni, friends, students and faculty,

Another spring semester has finished and the Class of 2015 is leaving us for the world. We are happy to have helped them with their growth and wish them the best in the coming years. I am pleased to report that the Department is happy and healthy. You may see in the following pages that we have quite a few successes in all program areas. In addition, this semester we have been able to grow the Materials Science and Engineering Program by completely renovating the Student Laboratory, modifying the undergraduate curriculum, and by recruiting a new colleague. Dr. Yuan Yang, an expert in materials synthesis and high-technology batteries, will be joining us in July as an Assistant Professor of Materials Science (tenure track). He is currently finishing his post-doctoral research at M.I.T.

I wish all of you a wonderful summer.


I. Cevdet Noyan
Chair, APAM


APAM News: Spring 2015, Vol. 9 Issue 2

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