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Dear APAM Family,

What an eventful and successful year for APAM! 

From our most recent student award winners (Norman Nan Shi, Jyotirmoy Mandal, Daniel Edelberg, Betty Hu, and Evan Spotte-Smith) to our most recent faculty award winners and honorees (Alex Gaeta, Michal Lipson, Cev Noyan, and Latha Venkataraman)! 

From our remarkable research in the materials science of quantum dots and batteries, to that in weather modeling and in plasma physics — and to all of the stellar research by our undergraduate and graduate students! 

This term we were honored by the visit of DOE Under Secretary Paul Dabbar to our plasma physics program. 

We happily remember our cherished retired colleagues John and Marlene Arbo, and take a moment to bid a fond farewell to our friends and colleagues Paul Duby and Ed Nickoloff, who helped make APAM the great place it is. 

I wish all of you a fun-filled (and productive) summer, and look forward to you joining us (at least in spirit) in September for a new and exciting academic year! 

Best regards, 

Irving P. Herman
Chair, APAM


Photos/Images: Barbara Alper, Argonne National Laboratory, Eileen Barosso, Simon Billinge, Columbia Engineering, Daniel Edelberg, Betty Hu, Jeffrey Levesque, Michael Mauel, Akihisa Sekiguchi, Norman Nan Shi, Evan Spotte-Smith, Timothy Lee Photographers, Yuan Yang, Nanfang Yu
Contributing Authors: Mary Alexandra Agner, John Arbo, Marlene Arbo, Argonne National Laboratory, Columbia Engineering, Daniel Edelberg, Holly Evarts, Kristen Henlin, Betty Hu, Irving Herman, Joanne Hvala, The Journal News, Michael Mauel, Norman Nan Shi, The Optical Society, Evan Spotte-Smith


APAM News: Spring 2019, Vol. 13, Issue 2

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