Venkataraman Lab Moves to the Northwest Corner Building


Latha Venkataraman
, Associate Professor of Applied Physics, recently moved her lab to the new Northwest Corner Building, at 120th Street and Broadway.

"Designed by the Pritzker prize-winning Spanish architect José Rafael Moneo, the Northwest Corner Building connects Chandler (Chemistry) and Pupin (Physics and Astronomy), Schapiro (Engineering), Mudd (Engineering and Applied Science) and Fairchild (Biology).

Serving as a physical and intellectual bridge, linking laboratories and maximizing the ready sharing and exchange of ideas, resources and information, the new building will enhance the existing collaborations and stimulate new ones. When fully occupied, the Northwest Corner Building will provide research and education space for a community of 250 to 300 interdisciplinary faculty and students among the 21 laboratories.

In addition, the Northwest Corner Building houses the Integrated Science Library that combines the formerly separate biology, chemistry, physics & astronomy and psychology libraries, a lecture hall that seats 170, a class room, and a café." (Office of the Executive Vice President for Research)

Photos by Jason LaFerrera



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