VIDEO: Spinning Out, In Control (Michal Lipson)

Professor Michal Lipson, along Professors Angela Christiano and Tilla Worgall, spoke on the “Spinning Out, In Control” panel at the Columbia Startup Festival sponsored by Women in Science@Columbia.

Columbia Technology Ventures reports, "This discussion took a deep dive into three scientists' (Drs. Angela Christiano, Michal Lipson, and Tilla Worgall) journeys from innovation to spinout, as well as what life is like at the intersection of university research and the commercial sector. Topics included how do you know when you have an idea worth starting a company around (minute 9); whether to license to industry or launch a startup (minute 14); faculty and graduate students roles in the startup (minute 16); the role of the Columbia tech transfer office (minute 21); when and how to file patents on your inventions (minute 25); the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Columbia (minute 29); raising money from investors (minute 31); finding mentors, advisors, and CEOs (minute 36); winning SBIR funding (minute 37); starting companies in NYC (minute 40); balancing the scientific mindset with pace of life in a startup (minute 43); and advice for female scientist-entrepreneurs (minute 45)."

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