Weinistein Delivers Distinguished Lecture

Oct 07 2009

Prof. Michael Weinstein will deliver the annual Distinguished Lecture in Applied Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst on October 15, 2009.

In his lecture, "Mathematics of Nonlinear Dispersive Waves: From Fundamental Results to Applications", he will discuss recent progress in the theory and application of nonlinear dispersive Hamiltonian wave equations. This class of partial differential equations (PDEs) is fundamental to the analysis and application of diverse phenomena, such as: hydrodynamic surface waves, optical pulses in communication channels and matter waves in many body quantum systems (Bose-Einstein condensation). Such equations have soliton-like coherent structures, dominant carriers of energy in many physical systems. A fundamental problem is to understand how solitons participate in the general dynamics. Through tools of PDE, harmonic and variational analysis, and dynamical systems theory, a deeper understanding is emerging of the large-time transient and infinite-time behavior of such systems. He wil explain some of the key ideas that have led to recent progress.

Fïnally, he will discuss how these developments suggest strategies for the control of soliton-like states in optical and quantum systems.