2013 APS DPP News

Photos: (left) David Gates was awarded Fellowship in the APS (right) Becca Arbacher won the Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Award


APAM faculty, researchers, students, and alumni recently attended the 55th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics in Denver, Colorado, from November 11-15, 2013.

John (Jack) Berkery, APAM Research Scientist (working at Princeton Plasma Laboratory) and Jeremy Hanson, alumnus (Ph.D. 2009, Applied Physics, Columbia University) and APAM Associate Research Scientist (working at General Atomics) were invited to present talks on Magnetic Confinement-Experiments.

David Gates (Ph.D. 1993, Applied Physics, Columbia University) was awarded Fellowship in the APS for “For innovation and leadership in the understanding and control of limiting MHD phenomena in toroidal plasmas.” He is a principal research physicist for the advanced projects division of the Princeton Plasma Laboratory and the stellarator physics leader.

Becca Arbacher, class of 2016, spent the summer and the fall semester working with Prof. Michael Mauel in the Columbia Plasma Physics Lab as part of the Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy group. She worked on developing a Kalman filter, an algorithm used to help eliminate signal noise, for magnetic diagnostics in Columbia's High Beta Tokamak. Application of the Kalman filter will hopefully contribute to better understanding of plasma behavior and longer confinement. She had the opportunity to present her research at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics in Denver, where she won the Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Award. Becca continues to be fascinated by plasma physics, particularly with regards to space plasmas, and was very grateful to hear eminent scientists in the field discuss the incredible research being conducted. She is intending to double major in Physics and Political Science.




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