AMS NYC/Long Island Chapter Seminar Archive

Gregory Tripoli, Chair of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department University of Wisconsin 
"Fueling of Catastrophic Weather Events in the Middle Latitudes by Hurricanes in the Tropics"

Stefan Brönnimann, Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research Chair of Climatology & Managing Director Institute of Geography, University of Bern  
"Learning From Past Weather"

Adam Scaife, Met Office Hadley Centre & Hon. Prof. Exeter University
"Bridging the gap between weather forecasts and climate change projections"

Andrew Revkin, Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding, Pace University
"Is the New Communication Climate Good for the Earth's Climate?"

Greg Hakim, University of Washington
"Can we improve hurricane intensity forecasts?"

Heini Wernli, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
"How well do we understand and can we predict extreme weather associated with extratropical cyclones?"

B.D. Santer, Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"A Life in Climate Science: From Identification of a “Discernible Human Influence” on Climate to Identification of the “Top Ten” Climate Models"

Gavin Schmidt, Climate Scientist and Deputy Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
"What are climate models good for?"

James Doyle, Head, Mesoscale Modeling Section, Naval Research Laboratory
"Predictability of Tropical Cyclones – Perspectives from Sandy and Irene"

Kerry Emanuel, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Assessing Storm Surge Risk at New York City"

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