APAM 25th Anniversary & Banquet for Prof. Chu

The Department celebrated their 25th anniversary and hosted a banquet in honor of Prof. C. K. Chu on November 7, 2003.

The celebration started with a reception Low Memorial Library with featured speakers including: Michael Mauel, Chair of the Department; Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University; Zvi Galil, Dean of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science; Robert Gross, Dean Emeritus; and C.K. Chu, Fu Foundation Professor of Applied Mathematics Emeritus.

Alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends then gathered at Peking Park restaurant for a banquet to celebrate Prof. Chu.

Prof. Chu, one of the founding members of the Department, retired from full-time duties this year after a long and distinguished career. He was the architect of Columbia's Applied Mathematics Program and one of the pioneers in the fields of computational fluid dynamics and computational magnetohydrodynamics. He was also the first to hold the Fu Foundation Chair of Applied Mathematics.

The celebration continued on Saturday, November 8, with an Open House in the APAM Department for alumni and guests. Prof. Michael Mauel gave a brief introduction highlighting the Department's accomplishments and current activities. This was followed by lab tours, faculty "chat-talks" about research, and lunch.


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