CAMPEP-Accredited Certificate Program

Our CAMPEP-accredited Certificate of Professional Achievement in Medical Physics is designed for professionals who have a PhD in physics or a related discipline and who wish to become eligible to apply for the medical physics examinations given by the American Board of Radiology (ABR).

As stated on the ABR website, to be eligible for Part 1 of the ABR Examination, applicants “must be enrolled in and in good standing with, or have graduated from, a CAMPEP-accredited program,” which specifically includes CAMPEP-accredited certificate programs like Columbia’s.

Furthermore, prior to taking Part 2 of the ABR Examination, applicants are required to have completed a two-year residency in medical physics which consists of a clinical and an academic component. By successfully completing Columbia’s non-degree certificate program an applicant will have satisfied the academic component already. 

Course Requirements

This part-time program requires satisfactory completion of six of the following courses:

Certificate students are allowed to waive a course based on prior equivalent academic work but another 3-point course must be substituted for the waived course.

Admission Requirements

Doctoral degree in physics, applied physics, or one of the physical sciences is required. An applicant who was not a physics major as an undergraduate, or who does not have an advanced degree in physics, must have taken physics training at least equivalent to a minor. This training must include at least three upper level physics courses, which, if taken after completion of the undergraduate degree, must have been taken at an accredited four-year college. Completion of course prerequisites is also required.

When appropriate, certificate program requirements are updated to conform to guidelines set by CAMPEP and by policies set by the ABR.

Applicants must submit an online application and a separate Application Agreement.

The application deadline for fall admission is August 1st.

Applications are available online at:
Graduate Student Affairs: Online application

On the “Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics” drop down menu, follow the instructions for NEW APPLICANT. Under degree level, please select “OTHER” and under program level select “MEDICAL PHYSICS CERTIFICATE.”

The Application Agreement must be signed and returned to the Office of Graduate Student Services, 530 S.W. Mudd.

Applicants are asked to inform the Program Coordinator following the submission of an online application.

Because Columbia’s online application system is usually changed in July from the current admissions cycle to the next one, applicants for the Certificate Program who apply in July, must contact the Medical Physics Program Coordinator

500 W. 120th St., Mudd 200, MC 4701 New York, NY 10027 / Phone: 212-854-4457 / Fax: 212-854-8257 / Email:

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