Daniel Bienstock

Liu Family Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) / Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics (APAM)

Applied Mathematics / Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Office: 342 S.W. Mudd
Mail: 200 S.W. Mudd, Mail Code: 4701
New York, NY 10027
Email: dano@ieor.columbia.edu


Research Specialty

applied mathematics, methodology and high-performance implementation of optimization algorithms, applications of optimization: preventing national-scale blackouts, emergency management, approximate solution of massively large optimization problems, higher-dimensional reformulation techniques for integer programming, robust optimization


Ph.D., Operations Research, M.I.T. 1985


Professor Daniel Bienstock first joined Columbia University's Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department in 1989 and became a joint faculty member in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics in 2008. Professor Bienstock teaches courses on integer programming and optimization.

Before joining Columbia University, Professor Bienstock was involved in combinatorics and optimization research at Bellcore. He has also participated in collaborative research with Bell Laboratories (Lucent), AT&T Laboratories, Tellium, and Lincoln Laboratory on various network design problems.

Professor Bienstock's teaching and research interests include combinatorial optimization and integer programming, parallel computing and applications to networking. Professor Bienstock has published in journals such as Math Programming, SIAM, and Math of OR.


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