Mandli at National Water Center Innovators Program's Summer Institute 2018

Kyle Mandli, Assitant Professor of Applied Mathematics, served as a Theme Leader at the 2018 Summer Institute hosted by the National Water Center Innovators Program in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

"The National Water Center Innovators Program's Summer Institute (SI) is a unique seven-week immersive experience that brings together graduate students, academic researchers, and National Water Center staff. Participants design and collaborate on projects that advance National Water Model capabilities, enhancing the nation’s ability to respond to water hazards. The SI program is a partnership between the National Weather Service’s Office of Water Prediction and CUAHSI, with the goal of engaging the broader hydrologic research community on water prediction and advancing the mission of the National Water Center (NWC)."

From Prof. Kyle Mandli (far left): "Congratulations to the FORTRAN Fanclub on a successful Summer Institute 2018!"

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