M.S. Program in Applied Mathematics

M.S. Program Requirements

This 30-point program leads to a Master of Science degree. Students must complete five core courses and five electives. All degree requirements must be completed within five years. A candidate is required to maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average.

M.S. students must complete the Professional Development and Leadership Course, ENGI E4000, as a graduation requirement.

If a student admitted to the Applied Mathematics M.S. only program is interested in the Ph.D. program, the student must re-apply for admission.

Core Courses

  • APMA E4300: Introduction to numerical methods
  • APMA E4301: Numerical methods for partial differential equations
  • APMA E6301: Analytic methods for partial differential equations
  • APMA E6302: Numerical analysis for partial differential equations
  • Students must also take a required Research Seminar course, APMA E6100 x or y

Elective Courses

A student must select five elective courses from those listed below (or any of those not used to satisfy the core requirements from the list above) for a total of 15 points of graduate credit. Additional courses not listed below can be applied toward the elective requirements, subject to the approval of the faculty adviser. *

* Courses from the Department of Economics, School of Business, School of International and Public Affairs, or quantitative courses offered by the School of Professional Studies may not be counted as electives toward the degree.

Computer science elective courses include:

  • C0MS W4236: Introduction to computational complexity

* Industrial engineering/operations research elective courses include:

  • IEOR E4004: Introduction to operations research: deterministic models
  • STAT GU4001: Introduction to probability and statistics
  • IEOR E4403: Advanced engineering and corporate economics
  • IEOR E4700: Introduction to financial engineering

*Please check IEOR website for registration procedures required of non-IEOR students   

Other elective courses may be chosen from other departments in SEAS and Arts and Sciences, e.g., the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics.

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