Ozturk Receives "Best Student Poster Award"

Hande Öztürk received a "Best Student Poster Award" at the 64th Annual Conference on Applications of X-ray Analysis. The 2015 DXC was held from August 3-7 in Westminster, CO.

Öztürk's poster on "D-44 Relating Particle Sampling Statistics and Intensity Statistics in Powder Diffraction Experiments with Nanocrystalline Powders" featured her recent work with her advisor, Prof. I.C. Noyan, and H. Yan and J. Hill, from Brookhaven National Lab.

Photo (left-right): Y. Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research; H. Oztürk, Columbia University; and S.D. Marks, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Photo courtesy of I.C. Noyan.

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