Pedersen Hosts 9th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas

Prof. Thomas Pedersen hosted the 9th International Workshop on Non-neutral Plasmas from June 16-20 this past summer. A total of 51 physicists from all over the world (U.S., Germany, Russia, Japan and several other countries) attended the workshop, which was held in Davis Auditorium.

The field of non-neutral plasma physics, which is represented at Columbia by Prof. Thomas Pedersen’s CNT group, was founded 2 decades ago. It was therefore appropriate that the workshop concluded with a historical overview by Chuck Roberson entitled “Non-neutral plasma physics at 20”. Many interesting results were presented, including studies of dusty plasmas in zero gravity environments, progress on the effort to create, trap, and study antihydrogen, and new con- finement records in the toroidal non-neutral devices, including record long confinement in the CNT non-neutral stellarator, and even longer confinement times achieved in the Lawrence Non-neutral Torus, exceeding one second.

The workshop included a guided boat tour around Manhattan, and a guided tour of the Plasma Physics Laboratory.

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